Writing Struggles

How I feel at the moment. Image Source: Good Image Search

Maybe it’s because I have been busy as of late so too tired to write or even come up with ideas, or maybe I have hit a rut or maybe it’s just writers block, but I have really been struggling to just sit down and write as of late. It’s also why I haven’t really been posting here. Sorry.

Most ideas I have had have been for rewriting stories and I have started but I just can’t seem to hold as much interest in an idea so I can keep writing it. I’ve been like this since the end of the last NaNo session. It is driving me mad. I’ve flicked through plot generators, prompts and stuff but still drawing a blank. Even when I think I have hit upon something, it turns out I haven’t.

I do wonder if I am due for hitting a rut in my writing. Whilst in high school, I had a year or so where I just couldn’t write. I just couldn’t come up with anything. I finally hit a stride again during exams but still, I had a year where I couldn’t write.

Guess I am posting here now to ask for help. Can anyone help or offer any advice that might help?

Creating your own literary ‘ear worm’ – like Tolkien and Rowling

Good points to think on.

Matthew Wright

Ever had a song stuck in your head – usually, the catchy riff or chorus the composer deliberately engineered for the purpose? They’re called ear-worms.

It’s apparently been discovered that the way to kill them – for a third of us anyway – is to listen to Thomas Arne’s eighteenth century ditty God Save The Queen.

Truth be told, I’m not sure that dislodging mental wheelspin with something horrible is a discovery. Back in the 1970s, for instance, Kiwi gentlemen knew that if they became transfixed by posters of the latest glamour pin-up de jour (Farrah Fawcett or, given that New Zealand was still 98.5% British back then, Caroline Munro), all they had to do for instant antidote was glance at a picture of our Prime Minister of the day, Robert Muldoon.

For writers the problem is the exact reverse. We have to figure out how to create a…

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The Writers Forensics Blog: 100 Top Websites to Bookmark

Need some help with forensic science for your work?

The Crime Fiction Writer's Blog

The crew over at FornesicScienceDegrees.org have listed The Writers Forensics Blog as one of their Top 100 Websites to Bookmark, which they describe as a “list of great sites to present practical, real-world information on the subject.” Many great sources here.

Thanks. I’m flattered.


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Social Media for Writers

I’ve found this excellent web page to help writers to make the most of social media networks to promote themselves and their work, looking at each of the big websites and how writers can use them to their advantage. You can have a read of it here: http://www.publishingcrawl.com/2014/01/22/making-the-most-of-social-networks-as-a-writer/

It doesn’t include ALL the  different social media websites, like Google+, in the main article but have a look in the comments where  Google+ is discussed and all the websites are compared.

One Page Synopsis

If like me you have problems writing one page synopsis’, then this might be of help.

Amanda Patterson, of Writers Write, has produced this info graphic to help people write them:

Source: How to Write a One Page Synopsis by Amanda Patterson, http://writerswrite.co.za/how-to-write-a-one-page-synopsis-1

This does reference the Basic Plot Structure, available here: http://writerswrite.co.za/basic-plot-structure-the-five-plotting-moments-that-matter. I know I definitely need to use this since I am horrible at writing synopsis’ and I hope this helps others.

Camp NaNoWriMo 2014

Just a quick post.

Not sure what made me do it but just had a look at the Camp NaNoWriMo website and found out that this years camp sessions are April and July.

Am I participating this year? I don’t know. I’m currently job hunting (with no luck) and still need to get on with editing and re-writing my novel. I’m not going to say I am not doing this years session(s). I said I wasn’t going to do November and what happened? I did (and failed) November!

So I am going to play it by ear, see what happens and go from there but what about anyone else? Doing Camp this year?

Costa Tips for Short Story Writing

Need some help writing short stories?

Victoria Hislop, one of this years judges for the Book Awards, has offered her top ten tips for writing short stories. They’re available for download on a handy PDF file here: https://www.costa.co.uk/media/117364/Top-10-Tips-for-Writers.pdf

Voting for the Costa Short Story Award 2013 is still open, closing on 17th January 2014, and you can read and vote for your favourite of the six short listed stories here. You can even download the stories to read or even listen to and from the same page, you can also check out last years stories too.

The winners of the Short Story and Book of the Year Awards will be announced later this month. Details for the 2014 competition have not yet been announced but you will find a general timeline for the competition on the website.

Researching Science Fiction

It’s amazing what writers end up researching!

Alicia K. Anderson

The fun part about Science Fiction is that it’s based on science. Real science. The world now. Then it’s imagined, invented, and takes several logical leaps.  Then scientists leap along with these imaginings, and those things become real.  Life imitates art imitates life.

I freaking love it.

One requirement of being a science fiction author is keeping up with the newest innovations in the real world.

Another requirement is knowing how the real world already works.  For Salvaged, I did a lot of research about the WHO and CDC processes for dealing with epidemics. I did research about specific viruses and bacteria, and I studied vaccines and how serums are created.   I looked at research on emerging viruses, superbugs, as well as the day to day stuff like e. coli.

Technologically, I made the assumption that tech would only advance as far as it would need to. Necessity…

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NaNoWriMo Word Count Update, Days 10 &11

So my word count is a dismal 15,869 words. No, I haven’t given up. I have just been struggling to settle into writing is all.

Writing tends to be ritualistic I find and for me, I have to potter around, do this, do that, flick through news websites, check my e-mail, etc. then I can settle to write. I have had plans change unexpectedly then just suddenly felt a bit out of it and a tad useless because I am unable to apply for jobs due to various reasons (including my knee). This has all prevented me from writing even though I do want to write. The side effect of this has been that my word count has suffered. (There could be an element of plotting mingled in with this also).

Hopefully I will get more done but before I do that, I am going to post this blog post by Ben Aaronovitch. It is funny anyway even if you don’t read his books but if you have read them, it makes it even funnier in my opinion: http://temporarilysignificant.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/they-got-to-pay-there-way-like.html