Monthly #Writing Update and #Pumpkins


Word Count: 4,085 words

Happy Halloween! I love this time Very much doubt I will be writing anything before midnight now so thought I would do my update. Going to be quick as I think I have covered everything in the rest of my updates through the month, sporadic as they have been.

Again, been writing on and off all month and never exceeding a 1,000 words on any given day. I think an element of being overwhelmed at the amount of description and introduction needed for different aspects of the story threw me off at the start of the month then general apathy for the rest of it. I am really enjoying this story but maybe the fact that there’s been more planning and thinking done than writing says something. It has helped shape the story, the characters and the world that the story takes place in though and made me think about questions I hadn’t considered before.

I am becoming very grateful to myself for allowing me to experiment with jumping around the story if I feel I am able to write a later scene now. It has helped so much with getting stuff written and done that it makes writing that much easier. As for linking up those scenes, that could be another issue all together.

I am really looking forward to doing this story in NaNoWriMo. With the energy, community and challenge of it, I think it could be really beneficial with getting more of this draft written. It’s a chance just to write without really thinking too hard and getting some feedback at least from other writers involved in the challenge.

Getting into Destiny has both hindered and helped this month. I’ve ended up writing a few words of Destiny fan fiction which I will be going back to and think I am going to use the 100 themes challenge to help. That move is inspired by one of my best friends who is doing something similar with a project they are working on. I think I will keep going with this, maybe. Destiny just lends itself to some fan fiction being written.

Plan for next month is obvious really: write! Write as much as I can, don’t go crazy with NaNoWriMo and life and have fun! Anyone NaNo-ing? New story or rebelling like me? Leave your comment below, happy Halloween again and watch these brilliant videos from The Royal Institution:


#CampNaNoWriMo July 2016: Day 21


Word Count: 13,275 words

So a little behind still but I have pulled back a lot so it’s not too bad.

My FMC got her sister off home, got some work done before running out to post it. It was whilst she was out posting that she discovered the slave she had protected the previous day just dumped in a bin in a bag. She got him to a volunteer/charity medical centre for slaves and discovers that MMC2 volunteers there. Once she had handed the slave to the medical staff, she got talking with MMC2 and discovers that he is actually the landlord of the pub. My FMC is also starting to like him even more as a friend than the acquaintance they had been in the past. That’s good as it plays into the love triangle thing.

After checking in on the slave, my FMC went home, slept and answering messages she had received. She also spent time musing on the differences between the country that this story takes place and the one that another set of stories I write. Both countries are apart of the same country so this is high fantasy combined with urban fantasy. Bit odd but it works right? Am I alone here?

As for what comes next, I am thinking I need to bring MMC1 back into the story so that will be today’s task I suspect. How are things going for you? Good? Bad? Hope you are still having fun.

#CampNaNoWriMo July 2016: Day 4


Word Count: 3,262 words

Started with a conversation between my FMC and MMC, who went off to dance before moving to the next day to find out my FMC’s sister is pregnant by her werewolf boyfriend and their mother thinks of the sisters as failures. The sister was then thrown out of the house, FMC followed to talk to the sister before volunteering to go with her to tell the werewolf. I finished midway through the FMC remembering how her father had taken her with him when he had been called to perform last rites to a dead slave in a slave shop. Hopefully, this is rather a blunt way for now to show why the FMC is anti-cruelty and anti-mistreatment of slaves.

You might ask why she isn’t anti-slavery all the way and the current answer to that is that the country where she lives is so pro-slavery that every apparent reform that is passed is another way to keep slavery going. Think of the Russian Emancipation Act 1861 and what it meant in reality due to the redemption payments and you have an idea of where I am going with it. The only thing keeping it from being cruel is because of vampires like the FMC who figure that if slavery isn’t going to be abolished, they can make sure they have some rights through putting obligations on the owners to educate, feed, dress and limit the extent of punishments handed out.

This might be me trying to be too clever in my world building but it is helping me so I am sticking to it. External to this, I have decided to change my FMC’s job. She was going to be a social worker, working with slaves, but having thought about the rest of the story, I am now thinking that journalist or researcher of some sort might be better. Of course, that could change again.

How’s Camp going so far for you? On target, overachiever or behind? If you are behind, try getting word wars going (they’re helping me hit my target) or even try a word crawl. You can find both wars and crawls by heading to the Word Wars, Prompts, & Sprints part of the NaNoWriMo forums. Good luck everyone on day 5!

World Building: Cultures

Some good points to consider if you are doing any type of world building.

Writer Block

     By culture I am referring to the distinct ways that a group lives their lives instead of the group’s symbols and creative aspects. Know the differences between the cultures in your world allows for both diversity and potential conflict. Knowing the specifics of a particular character’s cuture does the same – as well as helps you bring that character to unique life.

      As a reminder, culture traits are generalities – they are shared by most people in the culture but are shared to different degrees. There is still room for variation within a group even when they share language and dialect, aesthetics, gender expectations, social structure, and religious practices. Whether you are trying to understand your character’s surface culture or are trying to create new cultures, these are all key elements to examine. And of course a person can belong to multiple cultures and subcultures.

  • Dialect: Writers…

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