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#NaNoPrep 3: Set the Music Mood

I know not everyone can work with music on but I do sometimes find listening to OST’s and music with few vocals does help.

Creativity In The Box

The last easy task on my NaNoPrep list. If you like to write to music, you need to have it to hand. There’s countless ways to get your tuneful fix these days, from iTunes and other MP3 playing softwares to YouTube playlists and streaming sites like Spotify and Pandora. Get that set up, so that at 00.01 on the 1st of November, you’re ready to go.

I prefer to use Spotify. I’ve got a special chillout playlist with film music and lots of Vaughan Williams.

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Camp NaNoWriMo Days 21-28

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I think you can guess what has happened this month? Yeah, it’s not working one bit!

Day 21: 8,744 words

Day 22: 9,590 words

Day 23: 10,205 words

Day 24: 11,411 words

Day 25: 11,638 words

Day 26: 12,501 words

Day 27: 12,501 words

Day 28: 12,501 words

So the story I started writing after the first failure was a rewrite of an old story as previously stated but made me realise two things: one, I prefer the story as it is and I just need to give the plotting and some of the story elements a re-jigging and two, the new main character was actually a character I can use but I just need to find the right story for her. I am still working on the character but I have no idea what story is right for her or even if it needs to be set in a fantasy setting. She’s still not very defined so much work on her is needed but it potentially something me to be working on in the meanwhile.

I have concluded that I am not going to win this month, even with a 15,000 word target unless something really spectacular happens today and tomorrow. Time for real analysis about this month in reflection, etc. will probably be after April finishes (so Thursday onwards) but for now, alas, I am going to go and see if I can tease anything else out of my story and at least keep writing a little.

Hope everyone else is having more luck than I.

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