Derek Landy Reveals Title Of Final Skulduggery Pleasant Book

Oh Mr Landy. How you love to tease us!

In a video posted on Monday, Landy announced the title of the last Skulduggery Pleasant series. Promising a year to remember (grandly titled “The Year of the Requiem”), he sounds like the evil genius that he is as he revealed that the last book will be called Skulduggery Pleasant: the Dying of the Light. He offers no clues about the actual events of the book but has said that it will tear our souls in two. I think it is safe to say though that a few boxes of tissues, tubs of ice cream and other aides will be needed to deal with this last book.

Watch the video here: Skulduggery Book 9 — title announcement

P.S.: Yes, I know I am behind with posting about this but give me a break! I’ve been busy!