NaNoWriMo Update Day 8

Thankfully, some improvement yesterday from earlier days so I’m in a chirpier mood now.

After un-installing and re-installing Apache OpenOffice failed to get me my UK Dictionary back for spell checking, I took advice and have downloaded and installed LibreOffice instead. I now have a working office suite! Huzzah! Let’s hope it will stay working.

Having a working office suite (and a working Word program in particularly!) meant I could get on with writing and managed to catch up my word count deficit to 13,671 words. I haven’t started writing today as I was expecting to spend some time with some of my family this evening, watching fireworks so I have just been running a couple of errands, had my nails painted in the name of charity and then spending time watching a walk through of the first Sly Cooper game as I finished Sly 4 yesterday.

So let’s hope I can settle down and get on with writing.



NaNoWriMo Days 5, 6 & 7

Okay, so no word count updates for a few days. The reason? Well, my Open Office has gone on the blink for and has somehow lost its UK English Dictionary! That means it red lines EVERY word in the WHOLE document, despite everything being spelt correctly so I’ve had no choice but to turn the spell check off in it.

As daft as this might sound, I found myself unable to continue writing in Open Office so I have copied everything into Celtx, which has a novel function. Admittedly, the spell check on there isn’t any better really but at least I get settled down and write… a little…

I am hoping however to keep soldiering on until I finish this month and validate (I am still determined to win!) then mess with Open Office as I have been tipped off that I might have to un-install the whole lot then re-install it to see if the spell check returns. Quite frankly, I don’t want to be messing with that during NaNo really.

Current Word Count: 9,834 words