#Writing Update


Word count: 1,334 words

Apologies for the lack of updates. Life had to take priority and naturally that has had an impact on my word count.

I’ve been up against a wall a little, trying to figure out where to go next. This means I’ve had my FMC and her love interest talking a lot about different stuff, mainly what has happened at school, including extracurricular activities. I do suspect that her love interest might be making an attempt at becoming the MMC in this.

I think I might have hit a turning point though, thinking about Halloween and the sorting of my characters. I have decided to essentially do something very similar to or maybe even pretty much copy the All Seeing Eye from Weirdsister College, the sequel to the Worst Witch TV series, for the ceremony. I have only a vague idea and that’s why I say copy. It’s not original or good but to get on with the story, I think it is going to be a necessity. I have also accepted that I am not going to have this story anywhere close to a finish one come NaNoWriMo.

As well as thinking about the story, naturally my attentions have turned to November, especially with the site wipe and relaunch this month. I have my idea and the characters are developing but the story is not fully clear. I do have 21 days or so left so I should be okay, should be.

Plans for this next week is just to try to catch up with my word count, especially as I have raised my target to 25k in preparation and in readiness for next month. I just hope I will be okay.


#Writing Update

Word Count: 1,319 words

Apologies for the disappearing act. Other things were taking priority which also means I haven’t written much.

What I have written is not the most inspiring, with my FMC getting her room assignment, unpacking then sitting down just thinking about the fact her surname hasn’t been revealed yet and how was she going to get through the next few years once her surname did inevitably get revealed. Some of that thinking is my thinking as whilst I do have a plot and plan (of sorts) for my Camp story, I need to find something else to give a sub-plot bridging mechanism essentially for when the main story isn’t involved.

I think I might have inadvertently given myself that however and I only realised it last night. The FMC has potentially made a friend who’s an orphan and lives with a foster family. The obvious differences between the two could potentially spark a sub-plot but I am definitely still thinking about others. I am also still at a standstill about the sorting into houses. I am just hoping some idea will present itself once the time comes.

Apart of that, nothing really to tell. Hopefully I will get a lot more done.