#CampNaNoWriMo July 2016 Analysis


Final Word Count: 15,242 words

No win here obviously but 15k is still pretty good.

The vampire/slave story was a rewrite of the very first completely original work I wrote about 8 years ago but I wanted to rewrite it from a new angle I had in my mind. I found it really worked well once I actually got onto that part of the story. I think a bit more work, it could really be something. However, this story seems to have suffered from a problem I have noted before: I spent too much time setting stuff up.

The time spent setting the story up is good I suppose for like my April one where I needed to do more set up. I had to figure out world and plot issues to get it working but for a story like last month’s, when I knew exactly what the story was, it proved very annoying. The werewolf and family stuff is interesting and has a place in the world but was it needed here? No, I don’t think so. It is possibly why I didn’t hit my 20k target. I also spent the equivalent of a week and a bit not writing. I think that’s because I got bored with the story due to the set up stuff.

My thoughts need to turn to how I am going to combat such issues in the future. Admittedly, I am uncertain except to say planning. I think we all know how I am with that now. On the other hand, like last month, planning possibly wasn’t the answer for last month’s issue. I need to figure out WHY I am focusing so much energy and so many words on the beginning of the story. Surely it should be the middle that is the bloated part.

If anyone can offer any insight or help on this, I would be very grateful for it.

Going forward for the next month, I am returning to my April story. During the time I wasn’t writing, I was thinking about that one, which is good because it means my plan to take a break and recharge to continue writing that one has worked. However, I am considering being a little patchy and jumping scenes. I have started writing a scene from the end of the story where my FMC meets her father. It’s a scene I have played with for a while and if it gets me back into the story after my break, maybe it will be good. If it doesn’t work, jumping scenes, so be it. I will go back to being linear but I want to at least try it.

How did the last month go for you? A Camp win or a personal victory? Got a plan for the story or just binning it? It happens and that’s good I think. Sometimes, something is just not good. No matter what happens or did happen, know you are amazing for taking on the challenge.

Happy Yorkshire Day folks!


#CampNaNoWriMo July 2016: Day 21


Word Count: 13,275 words

So a little behind still but I have pulled back a lot so it’s not too bad.

My FMC got her sister off home, got some work done before running out to post it. It was whilst she was out posting that she discovered the slave she had protected the previous day just dumped in a bin in a bag. She got him to a volunteer/charity medical centre for slaves and discovers that MMC2 volunteers there. Once she had handed the slave to the medical staff, she got talking with MMC2 and discovers that he is actually the landlord of the pub. My FMC is also starting to like him even more as a friend than the acquaintance they had been in the past. That’s good as it plays into the love triangle thing.

After checking in on the slave, my FMC went home, slept and answering messages she had received. She also spent time musing on the differences between the country that this story takes place and the one that another set of stories I write. Both countries are apart of the same country so this is high fantasy combined with urban fantasy. Bit odd but it works right? Am I alone here?

As for what comes next, I am thinking I need to bring MMC1 back into the story so that will be today’s task I suspect. How are things going for you? Good? Bad? Hope you are still having fun.

#CampNaNoWriMo July 2016: Days 17-20


Word Count: 11,435 words

Admittedly, very little written so just a quick update really.

I’ve dropped my word target to 20,000 words as 25k just isn’t going to happen I suspect. My FMC interrupted a slave auction to protect a slave ended up arrested for interfering and causing a scene. She’s awaiting her day in court. Meanwhile, she has met up with her pregnant sister (3 kids already, 4th on its way) who asked her why my FMC did it and my FMC admitted she wasn’t sure. She just knew she had to get involved with the sale of this particular slave.

Not quite sure what’s coming next and the writing will be clunky but I’ll get there eventually. Hope things are going well for you.

#CampNaNoWriMo July 2016: Day 5


Word Count: 6,013 words

Had a really good day yesterday. It was mostly focused on showing the slavery side of life in my FMC’s country and revealing the abuses that they go through. The reason all of this was revealed was partly to finishing up my FMC’s memory that I had finished midway through the day before but also because my FMC is finishing her journalism studies and was working on a final project piece about slaves at the seminary her dad teaches at when he’s not preaching to his flock. It was whilst there that she discovered the underbelly of the industry.

Let me just say that I am in no way indicating that any real life church or religion is bad or anything of the sort. It’s just the way things work in my story.

On a lighter note, my FMC has also met her sister’s boyfriend’s werewolf family. There, she discovered the camaraderie and the closeness of the family and it gave her confidence that her sister and her baby will be safe and supported, especially as her boyfriend’s mum pretty much told them that they were to marry now that the sister was pregnant. The boyfriend’s mum also talked to my FMC about their parents reaction whilst also giving my FMC a chance to tell her that the sister had been thrown out because of the pregnancy.

Everything that happened in the story though has got me thinking that I need to tone down the romance story line. My FMC is also quite possibly too sheltered so the fact she seems to be heading down the investigative journalist line might actually be a real help. It would open up a few lines of thought and make her a bit more active in later events.

It also means I am roughly two days ahead of schedule which is good because this weekend, there is every chance I am not going to have any time or energy to write. I just need to make sure I keep that buffer up.

How is everything going for you? Still enjoying your story or struggling? Do comment below.