Book Review: The Diary of a Submissive by Sophie Morgan

Since I am writing reviews on romance and erotica novels, I figured I might as well write a review on this memoir book. This was released to latch on to the success of 50 Shades of Grey. This will not be a long review.

In public, Sophie Morgan is an independent, hard-working journalist. In private though, she is a submissive who loves nothing better than to be dominated by a man. She eventually meets a rich man called James who loves nothing better than to dominate her and push her to her limits and beyond. But soon, it is James wondering if he can continue dominating her.

This book is not a rose-tinted view of BDSM. It is hard look, harsh and gritty and I found it tough to read and did find myself struggling to read it once she got to her relationship with James and it got to the point where I had to stop for a while and go back to it later. Even so, this book was really good, the early sexual scenes and relationships she describes are very arousing and pitched just perfect. I just found the later stuff very hard to read. Maybe it’s because the later stuff felt awkward to me and are not the type of things I would read.

This book provides an interesting take on the BDSM lifestyle and relationships from the submissive’s view. Despite how tough it was to read at times, this is far better in my opinion in comparison to 50 Shades of Grey which I attempted to read out of curiosity and could not get past the absolutely dreadful writing. This at least was written by a professional writer so she knew what she was doing.