#CampNaNoWriMo Week 4 (& A Bit!)


Final April Word Count: 5,759 words.

Nearly doubled my word count since the last update. Not bad considering everything that has been going on personally in the background. To quote Homer Simpson, DAMN YOU REALITY!

The scenes that followed on from where I had left off from last time did indeed write themselves with ease. Before I started writing again, I have had to be looking stuff up about UK courts, youth justice, murder sentencing, 5* hotels and high end fashion. I guess it is true what they say about a writer’s Google search history. I promise, it isn’t as random as it appears!

When I did get writing, I had a couple of short scenes, a glossed over travel scene before going into a new bunch of unexpected descriptive and expositional material. This helped my word count along nicely and introduced Hallie into a new world of luxury that she is going to be living in, as well as a few new characters that even I didn’t know about. It has been fun discovering the new characters, including one that I can feel myself getting attached to already.

It has been fun to write this contrast and it feels right as the character’s background is so different to what she has and is about to experience. I guess it is an unintentional theme throughout this particular WIP: the differing living experiences of the poorest people in society versus that of the richest people. (I am sure someone can explain it much more succinctly than I have). Hallie has experienced being dirt poor, then a middle class life with her foster family and is now living life (somewhat) of the very rich. It will be a nice bump as well for the character for when she begins school. It will give her a differing view of things when she interacts with her future classmates.

Now that April has ended up, I will still be working on this WIP obviously. I know where I am going and what I am doing with this one so I may as well keep going and put Steampunk Dragon Rider (SDR for short) on the back burner to jump into when I hit a wall on the Hallie WIP. I did get a Steampunk Comic as part of Free Comic Book Day yesterday so that could get the cogs whirring on that WIP when I need it. Life yet could get very unpredictable so going with the WIP that is easiest for me to work on right now seems to be the right thing to do. Something to escape into when I need it.

How did your Camp NaNoWriMo go? Did you win? Did you have fun? Whatever happened, you are amazing for going for it and I hope you are going to continue on this crazy writing journey we are on together.

Camp NaNoWriMo: Days 13-20

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This month has truly gone to pot.

Day 13: 8,042 Words

Day 14: 8,042 Words

Day 15: 8,042 Words

Day 16: 8,042 Words

Day 17: 8,042 Words

Day 18: 8,042 Words

Day 19: 8,744 Words

Day 20: 8,744 Words

As you can see, I have barely written this month. I know part of the problem is my laziness, another part is that life got in the way for a few days. There have been issues with my characters too. They just won’t behave and push the story forward. Forcing them together as a couple got me words on day 19 but I am realising now that the characters are not as well-rounded and as well-developed as I thought.

This might just be me but I find I can plan out the story, know the important points, turning points, do the research etc. but if the characters are not working, not developed, they won’t, talk to me, if you will. I know this sounds odd and the old muse excuse but I do find it’s true under certain circumstances. This is one of them I find.

With this in mind, I have lowered my word goal again ¬†(to 15,000 words this time) and have decided to change stories. The original story is feeling too much like flogging a dead horse and I just can’t go ahead with it whilst the characters are under developed. I have all the planning necessary to go back to it one day but not now. I don’t want to give up on this session and want to keep writing with some form of goal so am allowing myself a change in story and keep writing. The story is something I have¬†written before for a different NaNoWriMo but now, the story is changing in my mind and I want to have a go at writing this other version.

So here’s to having a new crack at NaNo and perhaps put me still in with a chance to get a win and a certificate this month!

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