#CampNaNoWriMo July 2016: Day 4


Word Count: 3,262 words

Started with a conversation between my FMC and MMC, who went off to dance before moving to the next day to find out my FMC’s sister is pregnant by her werewolf boyfriend and their mother thinks of the sisters as failures. The sister was then thrown out of the house, FMC followed to talk to the sister before volunteering to go with her to tell the werewolf. I finished midway through the FMC remembering how her father had taken her with him when he had been called to perform last rites to a dead slave in a slave shop. Hopefully, this is rather a blunt way for now to show why the FMC is anti-cruelty and anti-mistreatment of slaves.

You might ask why she isn’t anti-slavery all the way and the current answer to that is that the country where she lives is so pro-slavery that every apparent reform that is passed is another way to keep slavery going. Think of the Russian Emancipation Act 1861 and what it meant in reality due to the redemption payments and you have an idea of where I am going with it. The only thing keeping it from being cruel is because of vampires like the FMC who figure that if slavery isn’t going to be abolished, they can make sure they have some rights through putting obligations on the owners to educate, feed, dress and limit the extent of punishments handed out.

This might be me trying to be too clever in my world building but it is helping me so I am sticking to it. External to this, I have decided to change my FMC’s job. She was going to be a social worker, working with slaves, but having thought about the rest of the story, I am now thinking that journalist or researcher of some sort might be better. Of course, that could change again.

How’s Camp going so far for you? On target, overachiever or behind? If you are behind, try getting word wars going (they’re helping me hit my target) or even try a word crawl. You can find both wars and crawls by heading to the Word Wars, Prompts, & Sprints part of the NaNoWriMo forums. Good luck everyone on day 5!


20 Writing Prompts – August 2015

Wanted to keep the momentum going from Camp NaNoWriMo? Try out these prompts!

Kimberley Crawford

It’s that time again. Time for another list of writing prompts for your writing pleasure. Use them to help with writer’s block or to get the juices flowing, or don’t use them at all. That’s your choice. I’m just putting them here so you can maybe find some inspiration from them. Anyway, here they are!

  1. Write a myth to explain why the sun sets.
  2. You travel back in time to 1900 BC. Explain how it happened and what you experience.
  3. You were aboard the ship that Christopher Columbus sailed to the Americas. Write about what you experienced.
  4. Rewrite your favourite fairy tale.
  5. You are learning how to fly your first spaceship.
  6. Describe Hell.
  7. Describe happiness as a person.
  8. You invent a serum to help rich people live forever, but they must start their new life at the bottom and start from scratch to gain back their fortune.
  9. Write a potion…

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Writing Struggles

How I feel at the moment. Image Source: Good Image Search

Maybe it’s because I have been busy as of late so too tired to write or even come up with ideas, or maybe I have hit a rut or maybe it’s just writers block, but I have really been struggling to just sit down and write as of late. It’s also why I haven’t really been posting here. Sorry.

Most ideas I have had have been for rewriting stories and I have started but I just can’t seem to hold as much interest in an idea so I can keep writing it. I’ve been like this since the end of the last NaNo session. It is driving me mad. I’ve flicked through plot generators, prompts and stuff but still drawing a blank. Even when I think I have hit upon something, it turns out I haven’t.

I do wonder if I am due for hitting a rut in my writing. Whilst in high school, I had a year or so where I just couldn’t write. I just couldn’t come up with anything. I finally hit a stride again during exams but still, I had a year where I couldn’t write.

Guess I am posting here now to ask for help. Can anyone help or offer any advice that might help?

Writing inspirations – the excitement of urban renewal

Pictorial Writing Prompt for people.

Matthew Wright

Today’s writing inspiration – for NaNoWriMo entrants and for writers of all persuasions – is a photo I took of city renewal in Darling Harbour, Sydney.

Development along the eastern shore of Darling Harbour, Sydney. Development along the eastern shore of Darling Harbour, Sydney.

Cities are dynamic places; buildings rise, buildings fall. Here, buildings are rising on what was dockland along the eastern shore of Darling Harbour, near central Sydney. It is a massive development, a sign of the restlessness of humanity, of enterprise, and of city renewal.

Copyright © Matthew Wright 2014

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Writing inspirations – Sydney harbour on a sunny Saturday

Need some inspiration?

Matthew Wright

Today’s writing inspiration – for NaNoWriMo entrants as they plan for next month’s writing sprint and for writers of all persuasions – is a photo I took the other week of Sydney harbour on a sunny Saturday afternoon, filled with boats scurrying in all directions.

Sydney harbour on a sunny Saturday afternoon... Sydney harbour on a sunny Saturday afternoon…

Sydney has to be one of the world’s great cities – certainly, with its bridge and Opera House, one of the most iconic. What we forget is that it is also a city of vibrant life, pivoting around Port Jackson with its 240 km of winding coastline.

Have you been to Sydney? And does it inspire you?

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30 days of writing prompts.

Need a writing challenge? Looking for a sexy prompt? Get writing with these very NSFW ones!

Kira Dawson Writer

Leaving this a bit late to start, due to NaNoWriMo being right round the corner, but I have decided to try and do 30 days of writing to prompts, starting today.  They may not be in any particular order, or every single day, but I am willing to try.

With these prompts (that I shall list under a cut so that others can actually have a go too), they will be anywhere from a drabble of 100 words, to flash fiction. I’m not entirely sure what will come out of my fingers (and mind, when it’s feeling sleep deprived).

Feeling motivated,

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