#NaNoWriMo #Writing Update


Week 1 Word Count: 5,123 words

Not a bad start to November considering how busy life has been as of late. Nearly forgot about doing this until I needed a way to procrastinate having hit a slight wall.

In basic, the month has started with some unexpected possible foreshadowing, musings about one of the characters and my FMC’s mother now being a gibbering wreck under her now cult leader husbands control. My FMC and her mum were then dumped at the dirty, unoccupied and trashed former family home and the rest of the family, now cult, going to live in their compound, aka field. My FMC has had to become the adult of the house as she tries to clean and make the house liveable whilst relying on a local church food bank to get food and basic living items for them thanks to her stepfather giving them no money to spend. She has also learnt what has happened in her absence.

As you might be able to tell, much of this has happened on the fly as I have written but it does fit for now and I want to keep going until I finish the draft at least. Word count wise, I figured out I need to write 12,800 words this month to be on target for the rest of the year. My current word count means I am ahead of where I need to be based on that target. This is partly because of how busy life is so have not written for a few days. I am happy though with my progress.

How’s your writing going this month? Ahead or chasing? Had any unexpected surprises? Keeping on track with your plan? Do comment below if you wish.


#Writing Update

Featured Image -- 1674Word Count: 705 words

So a bit of an improvement over last time but not by much therefore, another quick update really.

Those words have been on her last couple of weeks of home life and I have finally started on her journey to school! Well, I say that but really it’s just her waking up, remembering she is leaving to start a new adventure and getting dressed. Also, her cat has decided to use the word worms to describe people he sees below them. I am hoping that is actually funny but I will see eventually.

I have no idea what it is over the past week but I’ve had the time to write but I just seem to procrastinate and not write. Maybe it’s all the free time, maybe it’s the freedom, maybe it’s something else but for now, I just need to focus on actually using that time productively and just writing.

Part of that procrastination has been thinking about July and wondering if I should start another story or rewrite another one but I keep circling back to actually wanting to get this story written. Get this draft done at least. I think it’s born out of the fact I have struggled to do just that. Life has been through a few changes as of late and over the last couple of years which I think has contributed to me struggling to write and complete stories. Now I am settled, maybe it means I will finish a draft. Or maybe it’s just a good intention that will go.

How’s your writing going? Better? Worse? Had thoughts about July? If anyone has any advice about sitting my butt down and writing and maybe even completing a draft of a story at least, I would appreciate it. Have fun and I hope all the words come to you.

Camp NaNoWriMo Update and Reflections

2013 Banner 1

Okay, I am more awake now so I can finally do this update.

As you all probably already know, I failed NaNoWriMo. If you want the numbers, here you go:

Day 29: 28,900 words

Day 30: 30,450 words

Day 31: 33,061 words

So, as you can you see, I was writing a fair bit but unfortunately, it’s because I hit a wall with the fan fiction, just like I did with the crime novel. I also spent part of day 31 procrastinating and not actually, you know, writing.

So what have I learned over the last month?

Firstly,  whilst being able to rewrite a book quickly and efficiently is the mark of a professional writer, I cannot do it whilst doing NaNoWriMo. It’s a logistical nightmare to count up new words written, check up on information from other parts of the novel and do a bang up job of rewriting the novel properly.

Even if I had written a crib sheet of important and a running order of what happens in the novel, I don’t think it would be possible for me to actually write the novel in NaNo.

Secondly, planning what happens and doing a bit more research beyond a certain point helps to actually write any story of any type. This is what stopped me in both the crime novel and the short fan fiction story.

The short story was just badly unplanned and written out of boredom. In the case of the novel, I only actually planned up to and including the trial. I did not actually think the second part of the novel through properly. Shame on me and I have attempted to learn this lesson for the past year or so when I realised this personal flaw in my method in working last year.

Still, another bump on the road. Another lesson to learn.

Thirdly, I need to stop procrastinating and writing too late at night. Well, within reason.

Many writers procrastinate and it can be a good thing (providing it doesn’t go to the extreme) but I seem to spend a lot of time not writing and thinking a bit too much over the last month. It wasn’t even spent productively! This was especially the case on Day 31.

As for writing too late, that’s more about the fact I seemed to START writing too late at night. If I am on a roll, then I will keep writing beyond midnight as I will eventually tire and finish but I really need to actually start writing earlier in the afternoon. I might actually get more written! I struggle to settle and write in the morning but can get work done in the afternoon.

There’s probably a few other lessons I have learned that I haven’t realised yet but those three, they are certainly the most important ones.

So here’s to learning lessons and improving as a writer.

Here’s to those amazing people who finished July and to those, like me, who didn’t.

Here’s to the fantastic staff at the Office of Light and Letters who have run the event and the website.

And here’s to the next session and the one after that and the one after that to challenge and improve everyone as writers of any kind.