Elementals Challenge: Complete!

So, as the title says, I have finished the Elementals Writing Challenge so if anyone is interested, here’s the list of  challenges and links to my responses to them:

1. Fire, [link]
2. Earth, [link]
3. Air, [link]
4. Water, [link]
5. Electricity, [link]
6. Light, [link]
7. Poison, [link]
8. Darkness, [link]
9. Bubbles, [link]
10. Ghost, [link]
11. Blood, [link]
12. Hearts, [link]
13. Sand, [link]
14. Time, [link]
15. Space, [link]

Admittedly, some of these are not my best but I hope, if you do read them, you do like them and will look at some of my other work on deviantART.