National Poetry Day, October 3rd

As well as posting an A-Z list for sick book lovers, The Guardian has also posted an article about National Poetry Day, which is today! Have a local at the article here.

National Poetry Day is the celebration of the art of writing poetry and pushing the belief that poetry is for everyone, everywhere. I am atrocious at writing poems, especially when it comes to making it rhyme but, in a related art (in my opinion), I am all right at writing song lyrics, or so I have been told.

I should probably start trying to write poetry again as I believe that it is a skill that requires a great amount of finesse and skill to craft a well-written poem, even more so than other types of writing. I also think that the skill of poetry writing is important to the high fantasy genre, a type of writing I seem to have fallen into writing as of late. JRR Tolkien, who is famous for his love of words and great epic poems, used them to great effect in all of his work in Middle Earth. His work is considered the benchmark which every other book in the genre is held to.

I actually think I definitely should practise writing poems as a precaution as it seems I could potentially be writing in the high fantasy genre for NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, in November.