#Writing Update

3278e-writerWord Count: 3,324 words

Just under 2,000 of those words was in one day. In the story, still exposition, revealing the world, the most popular game for witches and a broomstick lesson but there are three things that have mainly dominated this week’s writing.

The first, looking back, is that my FMC is finding herself being questioned by others and questioning herself why she has chosen and begged for a place at a rival school to her family’s dark magic school. I’m not sure why she is doing that really as she knows why (wants to do something different to her family) but I can’t help feeling it is going to be important, especially after some rethinking and planning of the story and the character’s journey. It’s not a bad feeling. In fact, it is a very good feeling.

The second is the revelation of my MMC’s struggles in his classes. I haven’t really written much with him for a while, mostly because the school is split into boys and girls and I am having a go at using third person limited. The struggles revelation feels as if it is going to be vitally important. I am not sure why but again, it is a good feeling.

Ah, the wonders of pantsing and having an outline that is rather loose in my mind. Especially when that outline is limited to about one years worth in story time of plot. Who knows? It might become a little Malory Towers in its focus.

The third thing that has happened is that my FMC’s potential love interest has revealed that they are gender fluid. To anyone who has never heard of the term, it describes someone who doesn’t feel like their assigned gender all the time. This is different to being transsexual. In this case, the love interest is male. They will have periods of time where they feel male so act male but will also have times where they feel female so will act and be female for that time. I have known this since I started writing the story pretty much however I have been nervous about doing it as it is the first time I have written a character like this. How successful it is so far and will be, I don’t know. All I know is that this is right for the character and will cause conflict between them and their family as well as at school, as it is segregated between male and female with normal expectations of those genders in place and reinforced by lessons such as etiquette. I am looking forward to seeing how this goes.

I have already mentioned some rethinking and replanning has happened. This is resulting from a realisation that I needed to age the characters up so a rethink of the structure of the school and the education system in place in this world became necessary. It took me a while to figure it out yesterday at a write in, where I ended up voicing stuff out loud as well as sketching and drawing things in mid-air to help me visualise it. This is part of the value of having writing friends and going to write in’s and maybe writing groups too. You can say and do things with fewer or no strange looks whatsoever. This restructuring will definitely work better I feel and allow me a bit more room to move when writing character’s actions and dialogue. Perhaps it also explains why my FMC has become so much more introverted than normal.

Aside from all this with my Camp story, I have begun the task of doing some research and planning for November. I suspect my time may become limited so I am trying to get a little ahead to compensate. This research has included the North Pole and the Arctic Circle.

Plans for next week? Write my Camp story, research for November and trying to remember to post my wc’s on Twitter. I keep forgetting!

Book Review: 364 Days of Tedium, Or What Santa Gets Up To On His Days Off by Dave Cornmell

This book is NOT for children. You may have already got that from the book cover picture but I feel this is important to say right off the bat just in case parents are looking for books for kids about Santa and find this. Also, maybe I should have left this for Christmas to review but I felt like reviewing it now.

This book is an adult comic taking an amusing look on a day by day basis at what Santa, Mrs. Claus, his elves and his reindeer do throughout the year, especially since the advent of internet shopping means Santa now has very little to do. So what does he do with all his free time? Well, he attempts cleaning up after Christmas, has parties (with unfortunate consequences for his reindeer), has to hide himself and everyone else when scientists arrive at the North Pole, goes on holiday, questions whether he actually exists or not, attempts a diet and exercise routine and a host of other adventures. The comics also show Santa struggling with the types of New Years Resolutions that many make, such as writing that novel or giving up booze.

This book made me laugh out loud. Every comic is always roughly 4 to 6 panels and it is testament to the writer/artists ability that each convey all the jokes and mini stories they need to such short comic strips. There are many recurring jokes and characters and the book is easily read  all at once or in parts. The jokes are at times crude and include many toilet jokes, sex and, from time to time, expletives. This is probably its only drawback which can limit it’s audience, possibly down to it being the ideal book to get dads or even brothers or uncles. That isn’t to say that it cannot be enjoyed by women either (such as myself) though it is aimed more at men I would say.

In general though, it is a very enjoyable book and can leave you laughing out loud and amused as you see Santa dealing with all the issues that a normal everyday person has to deal with.