Hot Patootie! Bless My NaNo!

Happy Halloween folks! To celebrate, have Meat Loaf singing Hot Patootie! Bless My Soul! from the classic musical, The Rocky Horror Picture Show:

As well as being Halloween, we are just hours away from the start of National Novel Writing Month. You might have guessed from the amount of NaNoWriMo Prep posts I have rebloggd and you might have also guessed that I am planning to enter this year.

I have a story surrounding two characters who work in a hotel. In basic, one character is a witch, a trainee concierge at the hotel, who ends up having to go to Berkshire, South of London, for a family reunion which ends up turning into a big family argument (what do you mean that always happens anyway?!) and ends up revealing a very nasty side of the witch. My other character is a werewolf, a receptionist at the hotel, who ends up going undercover to investigate a crime, under the direction of his pack alpha. I have probably not sold the story too well but I am looking forward to writing it. As you can probably tell, one story is more thought out than the other but the witch has talked to me more than the werewolf. Once the month gets under way, that might change.

Whether I get to the magical 50k or not, I don’t know; it will just be nice to be able to write something that is purely for fun! Being in competition with other WriMo’s could help push my word count up since I can be very competitive. I know I can and I do try to harness all that energy and use it all up during NaNo. I will end up revealing more about my story no doubt as I attempt to actually keep up with NaNo updates on here this time instead of having to bundle a bunch of days together like I have done in the past in one update. Who knows? I might even pluck up the courage to get to a write in or two in my local area! (What are you laughing at? It could happen!)

So bonus points if you got the joke I tried making with my title without looking at the video. I hope you are having fun and staying safe this Halloween, getting ready for NaNoWriMo in your own way if you are doing this session (don’t forget! Discounted Halloween sweets tomorrow!) and, because I am such a geek, have a levitating pumpkin from the Royal Institution!:

#NaNoPrep 3: Set the Music Mood

I know not everyone can work with music on but I do sometimes find listening to OST’s and music with few vocals does help.

Creativity In The Box

The last easy task on my NaNoPrep list. If you like to write to music, you need to have it to hand. There’s countless ways to get your tuneful fix these days, from iTunes and other MP3 playing softwares to YouTube playlists and streaming sites like Spotify and Pandora. Get that set up, so that at 00.01 on the 1st of November, you’re ready to go.

I prefer to use Spotify. I’ve got a special chillout playlist with film music and lots of Vaughan Williams.

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How To Train Your Dragon 2 Goodies

No spoilers here!

First off is the release online of one track from the next Dragons film soundtrack. Called ‘Where No One Goes’, the track is by Sigur Rós front man Jónsi. He is the man who did the Sticks and Stones track from the first film. Listen to ‘Where No One Goes’ on SoundCloud by going to Relativity Music Group’s page. Want to listen to Sticks and Stones and watch the official music video? Watch and listen here:

As well as the music from How To Train Your Dragon, Dreamworks have released a maze game to play. Have a go by heading to The Dragon’s Maze. It has three levels of difficulty so get as simple or as tricky as you like!

How To Train your Dragon 2 is due out in the UK on July 4th. Find out more about the film and watch the trailer by visiting the Cineworld website.

Rivers of London Rap Video

Remember the Rivers of London rap I posted a few months ago? For those that don’t, it is rap song based on the Peter Grant book series by Ben Aaronovitch, which starts with Rivers of London. There is now a video to go with the song, executive produced by Aaronovitch himself!

Watch it for yourself here:

Lyrics and Performed by: Ben Bailey Smith
Director: Matt Bloom
Producer and Composer: Mikis Michaelides
Visual FX: Sam Highfield
Executive Producer: Ben Aaronovitch

What do you reckon to Ben Bailey Smith? A good Peter Grant? Would you like someone else? Who would you cast as the other characters in the books if the series ever became a TV series or film? Comment below!


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Sixty second writing tips: music to my writers’ block

I like to listen movie soundtracks when writing but I have never thought of listening to music to help me when I have writer’s block. I think I will give this ago next time I get stuck.


Matthew Wright

We all know, I think, about music and writing – how different music can sets different writing moods.

You’re pretty much guaranteed to write something different while jouncing along to Katy Perry than you would if you hurled Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries through your sound system.

It’s a powerful technique and one I figured I could take a step further by using it as a device to un-stick writers’ block. Normally I either write in silence, or classical – no vocals – because words interfere with the ones I am trying to think of.

I got stuck the other day, though. Drastically. Which called for drastic measures. Specifically, a change of music to Nightwish at planet-cracking volume. Then Epica.

It worked. Sudden shift of ambience. Sudden shift of thought. Sudden shift of neighbours. I’d recommend it to any writer who’s stuck. Or has annoying neighbours.

Does changing the writing ambience…

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