Camp #NaNoWriMo 2016: Days 5-8


Current Word Count: 8,232 words

Things are progressing slowly so this will only be a quick update really.

I was expecting my FMC to know by now which school she was attending and getting her supplies. Instead, she is spending time with her grandparents, trying to unlearn years of alertness and stress and is at her grandfather’s work office. Still, it’s giving me a chance to do some world building and providing a little background on her father’s family. It does mean, now entering week two, that it will make things a little easier.

Week 2 is traditionally the week that things become hard and participants question their sanity at taking on such a challenge. I’m still introducing things. Not good, I know but it makes life a little easier.

Are you having better luck? Looking forward to week 2 or dreading it? Have fun and remember Neil Gaiman’s advice, Make Good Art:


Writing Tip Wednesday: Make Good Art.

I’ve watched this speech before and it is so inspiring! Not just for writers but for artistic people in general.

Inside My Worlds

Today I am sharing with you this very inspiring video by Neil Gaiman. It is the commencement speech he made to the University of the arts graduating class of 2012 Philadelphia. I would highly recommend it to all writers. Please spare some time to view it, it is worth it. He talks about goals and writing, starting out and failure, success and making mistakes.

I would like to thank CL Mannarino for sharing this video on her blog. I discovered it through her and once I saw it I just wanted to share it with you all.

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