CSI:NY and NaNoWriMo and Ramblings…

Okay, so sorry for not posting in a while. I know I have only been reblogging stuff but I have been busy, yet not busy, if that makes any sense. As indicated by the title, I will be just rambling a bit in this and I apologise wholeheartedly. So if you don’t want to read my rambling, you are more than welcome not to read any further.

In the last few weeks, I have been working hard and preparing for graduation (which was last Friday), including doing my physiotherapy to get my knee into a position that I could go and now I am sort of trying to figure out what to do with myself, since job hunting is proving difficult (I haven’t really seen this “improvement in the jobs market” that the papers and news seem to keep mentioning) and I am still recovering from my knee dislocation. It sort of diminishes what I can really apply for whilst my knee is still a bit unsteady, I can only stand for so long, only move so fast and use stairs in a certain way. Not exactly a good place to be in when many of the local jobs at the moment are shop assistant types of ones where there is a lot of standing around to be done, at the very least. As well as that, I am dog-sitting my mum’s pup through the day when she is at work (including some dog training) and that seems to be taking up a lot of my time despite the dog being content enough to run around and play by herself.

I am also preparing to taking part in NaNoWriMo as some of you folks will know. Well, I say preparing, I should say I am still unsure what exactly is going to happen in my story and how it ends. I am just, unclear, what to do with it, which is not a good thing. I do know what I want to say and what themes and issues I want to raise with it but as for real planning, detailed planning, I have a mage character, her familiar and a possible friend for the character. The friend only announced himself today so I am still trying to figure out who he is exactly. Other than that, it is very unclear and murky if you will. I am also trying to work on the Autumn Writing Challenge and use it to help me plan a bit but that isn’t going too well either. This is not looking good for NaNo is it?

Just to clarify, the reblogs I have posted to try to keep the blog alive are ones I hop are inspiring and helpful to folks and are keeping with what I want to do with this blog! There’s another element to my planning that I probably could be getting on with and could help with the actual story planning: world building. Despite taking place in this world, the story is set on an island populated almost entirely by mages and their familiars. I could easily be working on the society and the politics of the island as they are probably going to be VERY important to my novel and the story, how the schools and educational system are set up and ran since the MC, main character, is going back initially to teach in the island’s schools and I also need to explain a thing or two about her education, how they dress, how the magic works and there are probably a load of other things I also need to consider!

I don’t even know what the island is going to even be called!

I know for definite some of the island’s traditions and it’s society is going to be based, even just loosely on 1900 to 1960’s Britain with many of the trappings of modern life. Possibly why I have been reading the Jennifer Worth book, In The Midst of Life, and re-watching the Call the Midwife series. I also vaguely know that the last episodes of CSI: New York are probably going to influence how the story develops and pans out

Mac Taylor

Gary Sinese as Mac Taylor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night saw the end of an era with CSI: New York finishing its last ever season here in the UK and I am not embarrassed to say it caused me to cry a lot (with the dog giving it some, what the heck!) and that it brings a lump to my throat now just thinking about it. Gary Sinese will always be Det. Mac Taylor in my eyes. Just thinking about how we will never see how Lindsay and Danny’s kids will grow up, how Flack’s relationship goes or even Mac’s wedding. Then there is also Sid’s illness! Oh that had me blubbing as well! Some spoilers ahead. I will try to keep them as minimal as possible but don’t say you haven’t been warned! It was certainly intense and made me think of the London Riots and how they were sparked. There did seem to be some parallels and made me wonder if the scriptwriter had actually based, at least partly, the story on the Riots here in the UK. I know that the riots and the episode last night could actually feed into the story for NaNo and how it ends possibly. Or at least play a part in the climax of the story.

This last season of CSI: New York has been intense, funny, enjoyable and very, very emotional all in just a few episodes. These emotions were heightened further by the fact that we all knew that these episodes would be the very last!

I still hold out hope though that we will see all three CSI teams (with living characters) return to our screens in one big, explosive episode or even movie. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see Mac, Horatio and Grissom all together interacting? That would be amazing in my opinion!

To ease some of my boredom and maybe even help with planning, I am hoping to try out a new recipe this week. Now, you guys might not know that I really enjoy baking and the washing up afterwards bizarrely.  I actually find it oddly peaceful and because I don’t actually have to think too much about what I am dong, it gives me time to think about life and has sometimes helped me get through writer’s block. So who knows? It might help with NaNo. Anyway, I am hoping to make a chocolate mousse and theme it around Halloween. (I really enjoy Halloween and not just for the cheap chocolate on November 1st!) It’s a recipe I have seen in a magazine for one of the big supermarkets and I am hoping to give it a try soon. At the very least, it will help me figure out how I can do my normal baking with a pup around my feet. Who knows? It might give me the confidence to try a couple of other new recipes! But yeah, this is what is going on in my life at the moment. Just sort of figuring out what to do with myself.


Talking about…Stuff…

Okay guys, sorry for the lack of posts. I have had very little to post about, especially as most of this week I have just been resting my knee. This post really is exactly what the title states it is: just me talking about…stuff!

So what stuff do I have to talk about?

Well, I have learnt from the doctor this week that I have torn a ligament when I dislocated my knee. Very normal apparently with this type of injury and the doctor has said that I have to rest my knee for the next two weeks and they will take it from there, depending on how it is healing.

He has also told me that I have to take my splint off on a night. Yeah… I woke up yesterday and bent my knee fully without thinking. OW! That was agony and, as daft as it sounds, the pain made me nauseous. So now, I make sure I am fully awake to tell myself, internally and out loud, don’t bend your knee. Go slow! Thank God for the splint during the day and pain killers on a night to ease the pain from any stiffness that develops. I can move about pretty well though on crutches so gaining some of my independence back.

The fact that I have to rest my knee for the next two weeks though is annoying for me as this leaves me unable to attend Wakefield Lit Fest, which takes place between the 21st and 30th of this month (read as: very, very, VERY annoyed). I am not one for staying inside all day, every day. The most I can do is one or two days inside but then I HAVE to get out of the house, even if it’s just a walk up to my local library branch and supermarket so being unable to go outside at all means I am getting cabin fever.

I am determined though to make it  to my graduation. I will attend that, one way or another, no matter what! And who knows, I might even do November NaNoWriMo, depending on how things go and how well my knee ends up healing. Heck, it’s better than me sat being bored out of my skull right?

Creativity cheers me up and distracts me when things aren’t good. It’s my outlet for a lot of things. I will discuss this further in an article I am planning and I am aiming to at least start researching for very soon.

It isn’t all bad though being stuck inside, or at least, that’s what I am telling myself.

I have FINALLY finished Skulduggery Pleasant: Last Stand of Dead Men by Derek Landy this week and a review of that IS in the pipe line! Why it has taken me so long to finish it will become clear when I post the review. (Unsure whether it will be a good or bad review yet I do not know). Whether or not it will be up this weekend or another day depends on how lazy and/or distracted I get. I do have a copy of Chosen by Benedict Jacka on its way too (i.e. waiting for someone to go and pick the book up for me from my local Waterstones) so I will be reading that as soon as I possibly can once I receive it.

The twelfth book in the Ranger’s Apprentice Series, The Royal Ranger, by John Flanagan is due out early next month, 3rd October, the second Texts From Dog book by October Jones is due out 24th October and on October 29th, Black Butler Volume 15 is due out too.

Yes, I know, I still haven’t reviewed volume 14 just yet so I may, MAY end up reviewing both volumes at the same time. So, yes, reviews ARE coming! I am just being a bit lazy with them. I will admit so I do whole heatedly apologise to people who come to this blog for reviews.

Since I have all this time resting ahead of me, I am also going to try to get down to editing and rewriting my novel. I am aiming to double its current word count and length so it is actually novel length. This will mean I will have to restructure the story but I do have a lot of material and story that was taken out of previous drafts for various reasons and some of it is still relevant, even if it does need editing ever so slightly to fit the newer versions of the story. So hopefully the story will be improved and character development increased with the addition of words and events.

If nothing else, it might cheer me up that I can’t get outside and attend the lit fest.

What is DEFINITELY cheering me up at the moment though is that 1) I am watching How To Train Your Dragon as I type this post, even if it every so slightly, and 2) Defenders of Berk starts on September 19th! I might be in the UK but I will be looking around for information and maybe even a way to watch the episodes online, like I did with the previous series. (In case no one knows, I LOVE the HTTYD franchise!) I cannot WAIT for next year for when the next HTTYD film is released! I am loving what Dreamworks has already revealed to us and cannot wait to see what other amazing stuff they are going to give us!

So yeah, this is just me chatting about stuff, what I am HOPING to get done (whether I do any of the stuff mentioned above is a different matter altogether!) and getting excited about How To Train Your Dragon and stuff to cheer myself up.

Sorry. I know I have rambled but it has cheered me up a lot doing this post and I thank you if you have got this far and have read at least some of this post!