#Writing Update

d7a3e-writingWord Count: 1,137 words

Nothing much to tell. Most of what I have written is redrafting of some writing I did last Sunday on the WAY On The Go app which failed to send to my e-mail address once more. I am starting to wonder if it just does not work on Kindle. So it’s only been my characters finally becoming a couple that has happened.

On the other hand, I have done some thinking and it is mostly surrounding a potential new idea for Camp in April and maybe some rewriting or the continuing of writing of other past NaNoWriMo stories. Camp is the place to do rewrites I think, at least for the first few drafts when it’s major changes being done. Of course, this is just my opinion.

The first story under consideration is my November 2014 hotel story with the witch and the werewolf. The direction of the story differed from my original thinking and I think that was the story’s undoing. I would like to go back and rewrite that story, if only to follow the original story idea.

The other is my July 2015 story about the witch from the dark family background. The only reason I stopped writing it is because I needed a break I think, along with the Post-NaNo Blues. I may completely rewrite the story as certain aspects kept changing and I never fully ironed out. Since I’ve had a break and whilst I was writing the story that took place years later, I realised that there was character stuff that needed changing and completely redoing.

Another reason I been thinking about it is because I have bought an etiquette book, reproduced from the 1800’s, for general research as I’ve noticed a lot of my writing lately has required me to think about or research etiquette and deportment among other things for stories. Having a go to guide on hand hopefully will help, especially with my July 2015 idea.

If course I still have nearly two months to think about and decide, as well as the fact I still have the new idea to flesh out and consider. In the meanwhile, I do have my current writing to be doing. Hopefully it will be a little more successful this next week. How’s your writing going? What do you think of the idea that Camp is a good place for rewriting or continuing old stories? Are you thinking about Camp yet or am I thinking too far ahead? Do comment below.

#Writing Update

Sherlock WritingWhat a difference a week makes it seems.

Word count: 3,874 words.

That means I was only 150 words or so off my 5k target yesterday and I hit that today. Currently have 316 words so far. I had done a lot more but lost it all because I am still learning how to use the On The Go feature on the WAY site. It is a nifty little thing that would be handy for write in’s providing you have an internet connection.

Moving on, the main reason for me getting so much written is because I just let my FMC talk about her own childhood and my MMC’s. It isn’t necessarily helpful to the story but it is helpful for me. It gave me a chance to actually figure out what the main story is about anyway (which will get written eventually) but also made me realise that a lot of the ideas I already had about the characters backstories were, well, wrong. These are characters that have been developing and evolving for some years. Naturally things will change but I realised this past week that I allowed myself to go down completely the wrong track so lose my way a little with the characters. Things are still liable to change but their stories now fit so much better and I am learning a lot about the characters themselves. That can only be good in my mind.

I suppose this story is sort of turning into character sketches and it now probably won’t be the Valentines Day story I was thinking last week but I am still happy with the writing and to be writing!

How’s your writing going? Have you got a target for this month or specific deadline? Are you just writing to have fun or get back into the habit? Let’s face it, December is not the easiest month for most people to be writing. Hope your having fun and keeping warm. (It’s so cold!)

7 tips for protecting your Kindle: A Guest Post from Case Happy.

Kindle’s are great for when you finally accept you have run out of room for physical books or for those hard to get books.


If you are considering making the transition from hardback books to digital books you have a fun journey ahead of you.  The Kindle provides lots of fun and is not too overwhelming to get your head around although it may feel a little different to regular paperback books.  As you take the time to navigate around your new device you will soon pick up lots of tricks and tips.

To help you we have come up with seven tips for protecting your Kindle including shopping for Kindle cases, ways to protect your device and how to minimise battery usage.  I asked Case Happy a Kindle cases provider for tips and they were happy to discuss in a little more detail.


New Kindle owners are often not aware that an active wireless connection can drain your battery.  The majority of the time you only need to access…

View original post 473 more words


Authorgraph is a website where readers can get authors to give them digital signatures!

Ever wanted your e-book signed by the author? You can now do that by browsing the website, selecting the author and the book and requesting an autograph. Authors, like my friend Zoe Adams, are available and the service is available for Kindle, Kindle apps and iBooks. For more details and answers to any questions you have, check out the FAQ at http://www.authorgraph.com/faq.

Book Review: Damn You Auto-Correct by Jillian Madison

So I’ve decided to leave the romance and erotica novels and memoirs behind and moved to a comedy book.

In a similar theme to Texts From Dog, Damn You Auto-Correct started out as a website given the rise of the auto-correct feature on smartphones. This book features texts that have been submitted to the website where their meaning has been changed thanks to auto-correct changing just a single word. The texts go from being simply gooble-de-gook to outright shocking.

SOME of these texts made me smile, grin and some were genuinely laugh out loud funny and the majority of them feature very adult themes (sexual content appears in many of the text). This book is definitely not for children but it is very funny and very enjoyable. It is also ideal for dipping in and out of occasionally and can make someone without an auto-correct feature on their phone (such as me) be VERY glad they don’t have it after reading the sometimes alarming results of having it on.

The texts are presented as being on Smart Phone screens but not all of them are very clear so made them difficult to read. This might be due to me reading this book on Kindle and it being in black and white. If it was in colour, it might have been easier to read and made some of the texts funnier but not all of them are funny in my opinion. I sometimes found myself reading a text, then re-reading it and re-reading it again and failing to grasp what was funny about them.

This book is fun and would appeal to some people, such as fans of the website, but personally I don’t think this is as good as Texts from Dog and would rather re-read October Jones and not this. It is sometimes laugh out loud funny and I would dip back into it sometimes but I just don’t think it’s very good.