NaNoWriMo: Days 27-30

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So NaNo is over! My final word count, for the month at least, is 28,393.

I decided to bullet point out the rest of the story so I knew where I would be going with the story since I want to try to at least finish it. It seems my subconscious, through my characters, actually did like my original planning as it suddenly reappeared as I was bullet pointing it out, not in the same fashion but still there. Of course, that still could change in itself. Me and planning are the easiest of bedfellows!

I am wondering if I am going to succeed in completing the story in time for The “Now What?” Months in January and February. I can always try right? I do recommend having a read of Steven Chapman’s advice for keeping going and keep writing. You can find it at “They Think It’s All Over…”

This past month has been a bit mad, especially with everything happening personally, as well as having non-compliant characters and surprising changes. There are still some things I would add and take away and that’s partly why I am wanting to finish the story in time for “Now What?”. Even if it leads nowhere, I am curious about what I could do with it plus there is potential for a sequel.

We will just have to see what happens. I do want to keep writing everyday if possible, to take my mind away from other issues, but Tumblr may yet fulfil that role.