Writer Problems: Weird Searches

I think a lot of writers can relate to this. I do worry about what certain people would make of my searches, like baby name websites, the location and structure of The International Criminal Court and it’s associated prison and just what is the most common drug to be used in my local area, and that’s just for the crime elements of my stories!

Where Landsquid Fear to Tread

Sometimes, Squiders, I’m thankful I’m a fantasy author. Well, a lot of the time. But, in this case, I get to avoid some of the more macabre searches that mystery and other genre authors probably have to do.

Luckily, in this day and age, your search history is between you and the NSA, and you don’t have to, I don’t know, make friends with police officers or surgeons or undertakers to get information or whatever it was people did before the Internet existed.

But we still need information, and in order to make stories interesting, sometimes we need really strange and disturbing information that would make people think you were a serial killer if you brought it up in normal conversation.

I imagine mystery/thriller writers have it the worse, what with having to come up with new and inventive ways to kill people. But I’ve had to make some odd…

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Camp NaNoWriMo Day 11

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Okay, this is my attempt to chill myself out before settling back down to write. Whether that works or not, we will see.

So the main thing that happened yesterday is that I discovered part of my research was incorrect… Not too badly incorrect but I discovered I have been looking at the wrong building for the International Criminal Court on Google Maps. Seems I have been looking at the building for the International Court of Justice, not the Criminal Court.

I discovered this by accident when I was having a quick planning session before getting on with writing about one of my characters being light-fingered and stealing the disguises he needs for himself and a couple of other characters for the next part of my novel. Not a big problem but the planning session ended up mingling with my writing time whilst I worked on that section.

Writing the character‘s light fingered…ness… has given rise to a possible comedy moment which will make my character hate me even more than he already does. He is taking his revenge by being a tad dirty minded… I have a few words for him. None of them are repeatable.

Today (12/07/2013), I finally got a book I had ordered from the library and after a quick flick through and read of a few sections, if I ever edit this novel, I think I need to seriously consider creating a fictional court for my character to be tried in. For now though, I will just have to work around certain matters using creative license and the fact that it is NaNo! So some research just does not and will not happen!

Either way, that section and possibly my fight with the character may yet help me at least hit today’s wc.

Word count: 17,375 words

 Ashes Cricket Update:

England are 302 for 6, leading Australia by 237 runs with 4 wickets to go!