Camp NaNoWriMo Day 5

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Okay, I know it’s day 6 but my mind seems to enjoy deciding it wants me to research something between the hours of 10PM and 12AM. So I am only giving an update of my word count today.

What was I researching last night?

Well, I was trying to find out where the ICC’s Detention Centre is located. Not sure it is going to help but it was of interest to me. Of more help, I was also trying to figure out what the Detention Centre looks like inside and discovered on the ICC’s website a PDF that has information and has pictures of different facilities within the Centre. I also was figuring out how my remaining free character would get from Italy to The Hague using Google Maps.

If anyone looks at my search history… Well, I think it would be safe to say that they would draw one of two conclusions. One: I am a future criminal myself looking to break someone out of prison or Two: I am a writer who is writing a crime novel…possibly. Actually, there’s a third option. I’m like Charlie Howard from The Good Thief’s Guides series. A crime writer who sidelines as a thief.

To assure you all, I am a writer and nothing!

So for day 5, I have managed 7,081 words and I am hoping to get as much written as possible this next week as week 2 tends to be the one when participants start wondering, what the hell have I let myself in for?!

I have the fun and games of writing my characters trial, which I am considering having it turn into a miscarriage of justice due to tampering by someone from the character’s past. But before that, I have my other character trying to reconnect to his old criminal friends and finding a way to force them to help him out.

I am also still waiting for the books I have requested from the library to arrive at my local one, so hopefully, they will help me write the trial.