Foxglove Summer Map

Ben Aaronovitch, writer of the River of London/Peter Grant series, has done another location map for the last book, Foxglove Summer. Head on over to Google Maps to check it out.

Also, don’t forget to pick up your copy of the Rivers of London five-part comic series. Released July 15th and only available in comic book stores and digitally, the story takes place between the fourth and fifth books and sees Peter look into a case where cars are coming to life and killing their owners! The series is written by the author himself, alongside former Doctor Who show runner Andrew Cartmel, with art from Lee Sullivan.

From Aaronovitch’s blog: To find your local comic book store, go to FINDACOMICSHOP.COM for the UK and North America or use Search for a Comic Shop which says it is for everywhere else.


Tech Tip for Writers #65: How to use Google Street View

Until I can go to the places I write about, Google Maps, Earth and Street View are the next best thing.


Tech Tips for Writers is an (almost) weekly post on overcoming Tech Dread. I’ll cover issues that friends, both real-time and virtual, have shared. Feel free to post a comment about a question you have. I’ll cover it in a future Tip.

Q: I can’t find enough detail about a particular area of the world my character visits. Any suggestions?

A: Try Google Street View. It’s a wonderful way to explore settings for your writing Here’s how to use it:

  • First, you must have Google Earth. It’s a free download and I’ve never had problems with the install. Take a minute to do that. I’ll wait.
  • Done? That was fast. Here’s what you do next:

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Rivers of London Rap Video

Remember the Rivers of London rap I posted a few months ago? For those that don’t, it is rap song based on the Peter Grant book series by Ben Aaronovitch, which starts with Rivers of London. There is now a video to go with the song, executive produced by Aaronovitch himself!

Watch it for yourself here:

Lyrics and Performed by: Ben Bailey Smith
Director: Matt Bloom
Producer and Composer: Mikis Michaelides
Visual FX: Sam Highfield
Executive Producer: Ben Aaronovitch

What do you reckon to Ben Bailey Smith? A good Peter Grant? Would you like someone else? Who would you cast as the other characters in the books if the series ever became a TV series or film? Comment below!


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Camp NaNoWriMo Day 11

2013 Banner 1

Okay, this is my attempt to chill myself out before settling back down to write. Whether that works or not, we will see.

So the main thing that happened yesterday is that I discovered part of my research was incorrect… Not too badly incorrect but I discovered I have been looking at the wrong building for the International Criminal Court on Google Maps. Seems I have been looking at the building for the International Court of Justice, not the Criminal Court.

I discovered this by accident when I was having a quick planning session before getting on with writing about one of my characters being light-fingered and stealing the disguises he needs for himself and a couple of other characters for the next part of my novel. Not a big problem but the planning session ended up mingling with my writing time whilst I worked on that section.

Writing the character‘s light fingered…ness… has given rise to a possible comedy moment which will make my character hate me even more than he already does. He is taking his revenge by being a tad dirty minded… I have a few words for him. None of them are repeatable.

Today (12/07/2013), I finally got a book I had ordered from the library and after a quick flick through and read of a few sections, if I ever edit this novel, I think I need to seriously consider creating a fictional court for my character to be tried in. For now though, I will just have to work around certain matters using creative license and the fact that it is NaNo! So some research just does not and will not happen!

Either way, that section and possibly my fight with the character may yet help me at least hit today’s wc.

Word count: 17,375 words

 Ashes Cricket Update:

England are 302 for 6, leading Australia by 237 runs with 4 wickets to go!


Camp NaNoWriMo Day 5

2013 Banner 2

Okay, I know it’s day 6 but my mind seems to enjoy deciding it wants me to research something between the hours of 10PM and 12AM. So I am only giving an update of my word count today.

What was I researching last night?

Well, I was trying to find out where the ICC’s Detention Centre is located. Not sure it is going to help but it was of interest to me. Of more help, I was also trying to figure out what the Detention Centre looks like inside and discovered on the ICC’s website a PDF that has information and has pictures of different facilities within the Centre. I also was figuring out how my remaining free character would get from Italy to The Hague using Google Maps.

If anyone looks at my search history… Well, I think it would be safe to say that they would draw one of two conclusions. One: I am a future criminal myself looking to break someone out of prison or Two: I am a writer who is writing a crime novel…possibly. Actually, there’s a third option. I’m like Charlie Howard from The Good Thief’s Guides series. A crime writer who sidelines as a thief.

To assure you all, I am a writer and nothing!

So for day 5, I have managed 7,081 words and I am hoping to get as much written as possible this next week as week 2 tends to be the one when participants start wondering, what the hell have I let myself in for?!

I have the fun and games of writing my characters trial, which I am considering having it turn into a miscarriage of justice due to tampering by someone from the character’s past. But before that, I have my other character trying to reconnect to his old criminal friends and finding a way to force them to help him out.

I am also still waiting for the books I have requested from the library to arrive at my local one, so hopefully, they will help me write the trial.

Two Ben(edict)’s

Okay, I know. I haven’t reviewed any books in the last few days but I am reading. I am just doing it in among life. So a review is coming but I am so happy at the moment.

Found out today that Benedict Jacka, the author of the Alex Verus series, has linked my reviews of his books from here on his website! I am so happy and feel so very grateful to him doing so! He has linked other reviews from other people but I am just so happy and a little starstruck at the idea that the author of the books has actually read my reviews! Here’s a link to his website with the links to my website:

Also, another Ben, this time Aaronovitch, has created a map using Google Maps of the different locations of different events in his first book, Rivers of London:,-0.113983&spn=0.102533,0.219727&z=12

I personally find this very interesting as a non-Londoner and I enjoyed looking through all the locations and seeing where he had set the book, including seeing what the Folly looks like.