Camp NaNoWriMo July 2015: Day 20

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Day 20: 11,978 words

Not masses written since I hit a bit of a wall. The characters have finished their school shopping and are returning to their families. I was stuck at that point but since last night, I’ve had a bit of a brain wave and might be able to solve it.

Also, I’ve been thinking about what happens once they go to the school and have had a new character announce them self. Shouldn’t be an issue but I think the character is gender queer or gender fluid. This basically means the character is sometimes male, sometimes female. I have an idea of how to portray the character in the context of the story and the school but if anyone could offer any advice or help on being gender fluid, I would be very grateful.

Let Books Be Books

Hear, hear! Let kids be kids! If boys want to be the prince in the tower, let them! If girls want to be knights in shining armour, let them!

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Boys Girls

As the Carnegie Medal list is announced, author Anne Fine (shortlisted for her book Blood Family) has spoken out about gender marketing in books and the ”pinkification” of girls.

” Good books are not pink and blue; they’re just not.

“It’s not popular with parents or women. It’s a serious matter because it does narrow children’s sense of what they’re allowed to do or like in a horrible, horrible way.”

I do remember that in books I read as a child, female characters were often shown as the ones who helped Mum or looked after the food and there were books of adventure stories for boys but there wasn’t this mass of pink sparkly stuff aimed at girls and women which seems to have taken over in recent years. I have no problem with girls enjoying books about princesses but why can’t boys feel comfortable borrowing them too? Girls enjoy…

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