Monthly #Writing Update: April 2017 #CampNaNoWriMo

Word Count: 4,808

192 words off target but considering how busy I was last month, I don’t mind. This is also going to be a quick update as there is not much to really tell.

Most of it covered my FMC learning a new game. I am still messing with the idea and considering dropping it all together. I am not sure it adds anything to the world but it gave me words at least because of the amount of exposition. Giving up on the game led to me then getting stuck as I had no idea what to write next. I had run out of planning due to me not having thought that far ahead if I am being honest. I started this story with just a concept and planning up to a certain point.

The last week of Camp I was in Cardiff and managed to write a grand total of about 100 words. All of those words were written on the train home and came from me jumping ahead to something that happens later. I added more words on the last day of Camp as I tried to hit 5k but it just didn’t happen. Whether it was laziness, panic or something else, I don’t know. I just didn’t hit target.

This month then is just about keeping going, trying to figure out what to write next in this draft so I can be completing it by the end of the year, per my yearly goals. How is everything for you? Congratulations if you finished Camp and congratulations still if you even wrote a word!

What are everyone planning for this month? Same story or moving on? Any plans to enter July? Don’t be afraid to reply below.


#Writing Update & #NaNoWriMo Prep


Word Count: 2,790 words

I know I said these posts would become sporadic but I didn’t intend for it to happen so soon! It’s mostly been down to plain laziness with writing in general or me just forgetting about this completely. Starting to play Destiny also doesn’t help.

Not a great deal has happened really. My FMC’s housemates have been introduced (with one taking a particular dislike to her), she’s had her first Etiquette, Deportment and Elocution & Charms lessons and has had another run with the girl who took a dislike to my FMC first.  Majority of the words written were covering the lessons and introducing the teachers. Even so, I feel as though I am making progress and these things are going to help towards character development and the story.

Whilst I have been playing Destiny, I have had a few thoughts about the back story of the world, leading up to the start of the game. This has led me to wanting to attempt to write sci-fi again but using fan fiction to teach me how to write it whilst getting out the story that is in my mind. This is a strength of fan fiction I feel. (I discussed this a few years ago in this post).

So my NaNoWriMo project is changing ever so slightly from pure original fiction to original fiction and a fanfic. There’s a chance this may change obviously. It seems to be traditional that I at least have a wobble in the days and hours leading up to the start of a session. Writing two projects though also gives me a higher chance of winning. My only November win was when I was writing two different stories, though granted they were both original fiction.

Prep therefore for the next few days is continuing with the first project, playing, researching and making sure I read every Grimoire card that I get to help me write the Destiny idea. How’s your writing coming along? Are you doing NaNoWriMo? Having a wobble? Set on an idea? Maybe your planner knee-deep in research, a pantser with the vaguest of ideas or in the middle and are a plantser (half and half).

Let me know below and I will try to be a bit more consistent with these!


EDIT 26/10/16: Know that wobble I talked about? Yes, well, I think I am going to start writing the Destiny fan fiction now. I’m rebelling anyway so nothing has really changed there. Just thought I should say something now just in case I fail to another one of these updates between now and whenever.

NaNo Update Day 3

So day 3 saw me break through yesterday’s word count and hit 7,075 words before giving up for the night last night. Not long after, I had the Police arresting a someone just outside my house and the helicopter flying around for about half an hour so maybe it was a good thing I gave up when I did. Doubt I could have got much more done last night after that.

I had some developments in my novel. My main character could be moving out from her parents home sooner than anticipated and it’s possible that the novel could actually deviate from my original basic idea, basic in that I had just an idea of what I want to happen and no ending. This new development could actually lead to a clearer idea of what is going to happen and give me an idea of what the ending is. Hopefully, this will help me write it further.

Today, I realised that my mc only needs one sister. The other is kind of, well, redundant. The remaining one shows what I want to show. So I am already axing one character but she is staying in for now (barely mentioned I suspect) so I can keep the words for my word count. I haven’t started writing yet as I am puppy sitting during the day but hopefully, my word count will continue to grow once I do get on with writing. Providing I don’t get sidetracked again by a Sly 4 walk through again!


Camp NaNoWriMo Days 12, 13 & 14

2013 Banner 2

Okay, I know I haven’t posted for a couple of days but I have been busy with madly trying to catch up my word count (still about a day and bit behind!) and I have had a couple of discoveries along the way. So before I begin, here are my word counts:

Day 12: 17,793 words

Day 13: 19,547 words

Day 14: 21,045 words

So my word counts are going up, just not hitting the daily wc’s. I think that is partly down to the section I have been writing, which has been difficult to figure out (what with the change of location as discussed in my previous post about NaNo) and just generally struggling to write much.

I have also discovered a surprising fact about a minor character, a rather shocking and vicious streak in one of my main characters and am having to fight the urge to go along with a mini sub-plot with my two detective characters.

The surprising fact was revealed during the comedy moment I discussed in the earlier NaNo post. During the infiltration mission with one of my main characters and the two minor ones who are helping him, he and a minor character, who I had always taken for straight, were forced to kiss. The minor character, indirectly, then revealed that he is quite possibly bi and have a crush on the main character he is with! I had never anticipated exploring sexuality in any way in this novel but actually this is an interesting development. It is a possible source for a flash or short story plot.

The shocking and vicious fact comes from my other main character who is incarcerated. She’s revealed that she has the blood of her uncle on her hands after she killed him in revenge of him killing her parents then abusing and putting her on the criminal road she ended up following which led to her current predicament. She was quite graphic with it and it has shocked and reminded me just how dark my brain can be when it comes with ideas, etc. for stories.

I have just started writing the trial and that led to the sub-plot issue. The trial is being manipulated by the incarcerated main characters old gang to try to get revenge on her and the detectives, who are watching, have already got deeply suspicious so one of the detectives has left the public gallery to begin investigating whilst the other is still watching it and is amused, despite her suspicions, by the fact that she seems to be rooting for the very thief she has chased and has finally caught!

If I get stuck, I might follow that sub plot up a bit. Can’t hurt my word count too much can it?

Now, I should get down to writing and catching up my word count and figuring out how, why and what I am going to do about the fact that my academic transcript has arrived and has the wrong birth date on it!

Camp NaNoWriMo: Day 7

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I didn’t do much writing yesterday but I never anticipated doing much. Sunday’s are relaxing days with family for me so I just do however much I can that day. That was the case yesterday so instead I participated in a word war to get as much written as possible and tangled with a plot problem I discovered whilst starting to write a scene which led to the plot point in question.

Again, it has led to me worrying what someone might think looking at my search history. I mean, it’s not everyday someone Google’s for help on how to break into the ICC and building blueprints is it? (Don’t worry, I am not Charlie Howard in disguise!) Finding nothing via Google, I went to my friends and fellow writers for help and that has evolved my original idea enough to solve my plot problem. Certainly, it will help me with the moment of shock I want in it and develop a sub-plot that reared its head unexpectedly whilst writing.

And so starts the second week of NaNo. It’s the week that slumps are expected and just getting as much as possible written is necessary. With my plot issue sorted (for now!), I can get on with writing and move towards the trial that take the once free Black Bird to being a Jail Bird.

Word count: 10,928 words

Camp NaNoWriMo Day 6

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I think I am just going to have to accept that I am not going to do these daily word count updates on the day I am talking about  them.

Yesterday was the first day I hit and went over the days WC (word count).  Considering the problems I had at the start of the month (changing projects, trying to work out what my new project is going to be, etc.), it is to be expected I guess that I was always going to end up a little behind where I wanted to be but at least I caught up yesterday and am back on track…for now.

I spent some time exploring the NaNoWriMo forums yesterday, particularly the Mystery, Thriller and Suspense section (in other words, crime). In there, I discovered that I seem to be in the minority in that I am writing from the criminal side of the law and not the detective one (though I do have two Interpol agents staring in the story). I have noticed this before when I have been in the library last week and it has made looking for other examples of books, etc. where the protagonists are criminals a bit difficult to find although I have found a few interesting threads and non-fiction book recommendations in the threads that are of interest. But any help is good help right?

I have also discovered that Sly 4 was released a few months ago! I am so annoyed I did not know this because I love that  series! Sadly, it is only available on platforms I do not have access to. On the upside, I have found an LP (Let’s Play…) on YouTube of it so I am currently watching them. The thing is, I only created all of my current characters because of the Sly Cooper games so I can get away with watching the series, whilst writing, because it is quite literally research! Now, how many people can say that?!

So here’s hoping I can get writing done and watch the whole of the LP. I am heading into the second week which usually sees people slumping and wondering what they are doing, as I have stated before but I do have support from friends who are also doing NaNo this month so I should be okay.

Word Count: 9,709 words