#Writing Update and #CampNaNoWriMo

Once more I have neglected this blog. Not intentionally. Purely because, well, I forgot about this! Oops!

As you might have guessed from the picture above, I am doing Camp once more next month, working on the same WIP that I have worked on for a few months. Since I am aiming to get words written every month, I might as well. Been assigned a Cabin today and there’s a few Twitter tweeps I might connect up with too. If you are doing Camp, feel free to say so. Target is set at 25,000 words but there’s a chance that will drop yet.

As for words written last month, I had a target of 2,500 words and hit 6,509 words so some words ahead. Not all the words were on my current WIP, the magic school story though. Some of the words were, bringing in a story line earlier than anticipated but it did show some character stuff so not all bad. I also wrote words from events many years later after getting stuck, which did get me thinking about some world building stuff I need to work on.

I then went off the story to write other bits. I ended up writing a very quick Destiny fanfic that I posted onto Tumblr and may yet get rewritten or more fan fics spawning from it before beginning to write a second WIP that I have worked on before alongside the current one, the slave story.

I will take the words at least because it’s better than being stuck and writing nothing, right?

So far this month, whilst melting in this heat wave, I have continued writing events that happen later before writing small tit bits relating to these Pride month prompts. Current word count is 2,739 words (239 words beyond my 2,500 target).

Having been forced to take a break, I think I might be able to return to writing what I should be writing in the WIP. That break has also highlighted to me that getting a complete first draft of this done by the end of the year is just not going to happen. The new target is to get somewhere near a complete first draft by the end of the year. All things considered, this seems to be a more plausible target.

How are things going for you? Good, bad, indifferent? Entering Camp next month? Any advice for me on keeping going? Please do comment below.

Monthly #Writing Update and #Pumpkins


Word Count: 4,085 words

Happy Halloween! I love this time Very much doubt I will be writing anything before midnight now so thought I would do my update. Going to be quick as I think I have covered everything in the rest of my updates through the month, sporadic as they have been.

Again, been writing on and off all month and never exceeding a 1,000 words on any given day. I think an element of being overwhelmed at the amount of description and introduction needed for different aspects of the story threw me off at the start of the month then general apathy for the rest of it. I am really enjoying this story but maybe the fact that there’s been more planning and thinking done than writing says something. It has helped shape the story, the characters and the world that the story takes place in though and made me think about questions I hadn’t considered before.

I am becoming very grateful to myself for allowing me to experiment with jumping around the story if I feel I am able to write a later scene now. It has helped so much with getting stuff written and done that it makes writing that much easier. As for linking up those scenes, that could be another issue all together.

I am really looking forward to doing this story in NaNoWriMo. With the energy, community and challenge of it, I think it could be really beneficial with getting more of this draft written. It’s a chance just to write without really thinking too hard and getting some feedback at least from other writers involved in the challenge.

Getting into Destiny has both hindered and helped this month. I’ve ended up writing a few words of Destiny fan fiction which I will be going back to and think I am going to use the 100 themes challenge to help. That move is inspired by one of my best friends who is doing something similar with a project they are working on. I think I will keep going with this, maybe. Destiny just lends itself to some fan fiction being written.

Plan for next month is obvious really: write! Write as much as I can, don’t go crazy with NaNoWriMo and life and have fun! Anyone NaNo-ing? New story or rebelling like me? Leave your comment below, happy Halloween again and watch these brilliant videos from The Royal Institution:

#Writing Update & #NaNoWriMo Prep


Word Count: 2,790 words

I know I said these posts would become sporadic but I didn’t intend for it to happen so soon! It’s mostly been down to plain laziness with writing in general or me just forgetting about this completely. Starting to play Destiny also doesn’t help.

Not a great deal has happened really. My FMC’s housemates have been introduced (with one taking a particular dislike to her), she’s had her first Etiquette, Deportment and Elocution & Charms lessons and has had another run with the girl who took a dislike to my FMC first.  Majority of the words written were covering the lessons and introducing the teachers. Even so, I feel as though I am making progress and these things are going to help towards character development and the story.

Whilst I have been playing Destiny, I have had a few thoughts about the back story of the world, leading up to the start of the game. This has led me to wanting to attempt to write sci-fi again but using fan fiction to teach me how to write it whilst getting out the story that is in my mind. This is a strength of fan fiction I feel. (I discussed this a few years ago in this post).

So my NaNoWriMo project is changing ever so slightly from pure original fiction to original fiction and a fanfic. There’s a chance this may change obviously. It seems to be traditional that I at least have a wobble in the days and hours leading up to the start of a session. Writing two projects though also gives me a higher chance of winning. My only November win was when I was writing two different stories, though granted they were both original fiction.

Prep therefore for the next few days is continuing with the first project, playing, researching and making sure I read every Grimoire card that I get to help me write the Destiny idea. How’s your writing coming along? Are you doing NaNoWriMo? Having a wobble? Set on an idea? Maybe your planner knee-deep in research, a pantser with the vaguest of ideas or in the middle and are a plantser (half and half).

Let me know below and I will try to be a bit more consistent with these!


EDIT 26/10/16: Know that wobble I talked about? Yes, well, I think I am going to start writing the Destiny fan fiction now. I’m rebelling anyway so nothing has really changed there. Just thought I should say something now just in case I fail to another one of these updates between now and whenever.

Fanfiction Ponderings

Any thoughts? You can find my thoughts on the writing of fan fiction here: http://wp.me/p3wbJV-3w

Where Landsquid Fear to Tread

Apparently we’re not out of the woods yet. Sorry, Squiders.

I go through these fanfiction binges. They’re quite terrible, and I don’t really get anything else done during them. They’re kind of random. Sometimes it will be because I’ve finished something and either need to wait for the next installment and can’t quite manage it, or because there will be no more installments. Sometimes someone else will mention fanfic or link to a story. Sometimes there’s mentions on social media that pull me in.

This current bout happened on Tumblr. I do not tumble or whatever the appropriate verb is, but I do occasionally read other people’s Tumblrs because that seems to be where fandom has, in general moved to (I am a dinosaur and was active when fandom lived on LJ and haven’t quite managed to bother to make the shift. Not like I ever look at LJ anymore…

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Camp NaNoWriMo Day 25, 26, 27 & 28

2013 Banner 2

Okay, I know I haven’t posted for a few days but I have been desperately trying to catch up my word counts. Needless to say and as mentioned in a previous post, I am not going to finish this month and my aim now this month is just to write as much as possible. That means writing my Digimon fan fiction.

I have a few ideas for where I want to go with the story and, despite it probably never making it to public view, I am worried about the direction I really want to go down. Mainly that it is not in line with the world even though I could reason it and make it work so it would fit in with the world… This might seem like an odd concern since it is fan fiction and will unlikely be seen publicly but I do care about the characters, the world of Digimon so want to do right by it.

Anyway, here’s hoping I will get somewhere near a decent word count for the end of the month.

Word Counts:

Day 25: 25,547 words

Day 26: 27,498 words

Day 27: 28,532 words

Day 28: 28,606 words


Camp NaNoWriMo Day 23 & 24

2013 Banner 1

Yep, this month has gone completely to pot.

I like to write Digimon Fan Fiction featuring Wizardmon.

I have gotten so fed up with my novel (BAD SIGN! VERY BAD SIGN!) that I have all but given up and decided to write a Digimon fan fiction instead. I’ve discussed before how, when I am bored and need to write, I will write Digimon fan fiction. None of it is very good and a majority never gets finished but for me, I’m writing and it keeps me happy. I will also be adding the word count from it to my wc for NaNo. Yes, I know it’s not in the spirit of the event but quite frankly, I started this month planning to rebel, moved to a different story, lowered my word count from the original 50 thousand and now working on something else.

As I said, this month has gone to pot.

(Picture: Wizardmon by ~DigimonGif)

I have today got a couple of books from the library that I have waited for since the start of this month to help me actually write the novel. Granted, I will probably end up jumping around the timeline and writing a lot of things in note form but if it helps, it helps…right?

The 23rd I got no words written, mainly because of the issues I have had with the novel and the word I have written yesterday (and a few I have written which have gone on to today’s word count) were from the Digimon fan fiction. If I am being honest, I think this month is going to be a flop but I am not quitting. I am at least going to try to continue writing everyday, even if only a little.

Day 23: 24,986 words

Day 24: 25,185 words.

Fan fiction: Is it a good thing?

This post I was going to do, not last week but the week before but because I have been waiting for replies on Google Plus (got nothing back) and due to life getting in the way, I have had to delay writing this. But since it is now obvious that I am not about to get anything from Google, I figured I might as well get on with writing it.

Warning: I may ramble!

I write fan fiction. I like to write it. It’s fun and sometimes, when I have writer’s block or I am just generally a bit stuck on another piece of work to get on with it, I turn to fan fiction just to chill out and work on something that doesn’t necessarily require me to think.

Personally, out of all the shows and games and books I read watch and play, I tend to always fall back to Digimon fan fiction, based on the two original Digimon Adventure series’ and the movie. I have written copious amounts of Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children fiction (looking back on that, it is horrible! And my OC is a dreadful Mary-Sue!), my first few stories include an unfinished Flint The Time Detective story over on FanFiction.Net (that is even worse than the Advent Children stuff!) and I have written the odd Doctor Who flash fictions (they were written more recently and are not too bad) but I always seem to return to Digimon.

Why though? Why Digimon? And why write fan fiction at all?

I recently got thinking about these questions when, once again, I found myself writing a bit of Digimon fan fiction during a period of writers block.

For the Digimon question, my brain quickly decided that it was because the world of Digimon is enormous, with just the first two series (and the movie) alone. It is wide open and that there must be many more digi-destined and digital stories still to tell. There are so many possibilities that the world almost leaves itself open for fans to come up with their own stories and imagine themselves in that world. Who would be my Digimon partner? And what could the world teach me and my partner?

I believe that other shows and books (mostly!) also offer these opportunities, like Pokémon, Hogwarts from J.K. Rowling‘s Harry Potter series and even maybe Miss Cackle‘s Academy for Young Witches from Jill Murphy‘s Worst Witch series. (Doctor Who and Flint probably doesn’t fit in with this but hey! These shows are about time travel and Time is a big ball of wibbley, wobbley, time-y whimey…STUFF!)

These worlds are large, the locations lend themselves to these sorts of ideas and allow fans of the shows to insert themselves or an OC (Original Character) of their making into the world and create their own stories.

For a new writer, this sort of set up, a set world, set characters, etc. is excellent and allows the writer to get right into story without having to worry about explaining much. Friends of mine who I spoke to whilst researching this noted that there is a lot of bad writing out there, set characters going out of character (sometimes simply because the writer is unable to write that type of character and some terrible abuses of the original owners work. This is always going to happen unfortunately.

I have seen others discuss this and I know others say that fan fiction is not good, it’s cheating, it’s not respecting the owners, etc. but I feel these reasons are complete utter rubbish. So long as there is respect and attempts at least keeping characters intact then I don’t think there is an issue. For new writers, who are just starting to learn their craft, I think fan fiction is great. Because it is new writers, there can be allowance for bad writing and some justification for the characters going awry from their original intent.

I also agree with something a friend said about writers bringing their own ideas to fan fiction. The friend said that writers often write the stuff the show/book/game writers never thought of and writing the things that they think should or should have happened. The example the friend gave was of the show Supernatural. I do not watch this show so I am just going on what the friend said and what I have seen on Tumblr. Apparently, fans just want Sam and Castiel (is that right?) to hug. This is the subject of a few fan fictions.

Despite not watching Supernatural, I do agree, as I said, with the friend’s point. I know in the Digimon fandom, there are some fan fictions of what happened to Wizardmon after his death, particularly as they did not like the idea that his data was not sent back to the digital world and he did not reconfigure there.

So why write fan fiction?

I believe people write it to express their love of the show, give their own opinions what should (or should not!) have happened and to give new writers a platform to begin, learn and develop their skills. One other friend of mine also noted that new writers might not feel confident enough initially to begin writing their own new, original material and need some where safe to begin.

I agree with all of this. I started writing fan fiction when I started writing. I had only just had it pointed out to me that I had a skill for writing, I had no idea how to develop my skills, where to start, how to come up with ideas or anything. I had not been taught any of that. I was completely and totally new.

Writing fan fiction gave me solid boundaries, set characters, rules, locations, etc. and allowed me to start writing and learning. I was terrible at the start. I rarely completed any stories, mostly because I didn’t understand about at least having an end point and some form of idea of what was going to happen in the middle. As I got older, I learned more, started completing stories, began dipping my toe into the realms of original work (inspired by games and films) and exploring new genres. I also started exploring older themes, with my fan work starting to burgeoning on into young adult audiences, including relationships, sex and infidelity. It is only more recently have I started getting into the middle and deeper end of swimming pool as it were and working on my own completely original work but even now, I still go back and I still write fan fiction.


Because it is FUN!

I write Digimon because it was the second or third anime series I really got into (the others being Pokémon and Cardcaptors/Card Captor Sakura) and I still love the idea of being a digidestined with a Wizardmon as my partner. Yes, it sounds ridiculous. Yes, it sounds childish. But you know what? I don’t care.

I love fan fiction. It is a great starting point. An excellent platform for new writers to begin and develop their craft and, for older writers like me, it is nice just to go back and write stories about the shows, films and games I love, especially when it is combating the effects of writers block or being stuck on an original story.

*I would just like to say thank you to everyone who responded when I requested their views about fan fiction and why people write it. Some of their views are included in this article and I am very grateful for them.