#CampNaNoWriMo July 2016: Day 3


Word Count: 2,437 words

Only thing that really happened yesterday, story wise, is my FMC has sat talking to the brother of the MMC, who has told her that there parents disapprove of the match between the MC’s before revealing he was gay to my FMC but he feels uncomfortable with that realisation. My FMC tried talking him round but it hasn’t worked too well. They returned inside and my FMC and MMC have sat down to talk because the MMC is trying to escape a very hands-y potential partner.

External to the story, all existing characters got named (hurrah!) and I have discovered what business the MMC’s parents run and that my FMC’s father is a priest.

How is it going for you? Don’t be afraid to comment below.

Camp #NaNoWriMo 2016: Days 5-8


Current Word Count: 8,232 words

Things are progressing slowly so this will only be a quick update really.

I was expecting my FMC to know by now which school she was attending and getting her supplies. Instead, she is spending time with her grandparents, trying to unlearn years of alertness and stress and is at her grandfather’s work office. Still, it’s giving me a chance to do some world building and providing a little background on her father’s family. It does mean, now entering week two, that it will make things a little easier.

Week 2 is traditionally the week that things become hard and participants question their sanity at taking on such a challenge. I’m still introducing things. Not good, I know but it makes life a little easier.

Are you having better luck? Looking forward to week 2 or dreading it? Have fun and remember Neil Gaiman’s advice, Make Good Art:

Camp NaNoWriMo July 2015: Days 27 & 28

Camp Winner 2015 Banner

Day 27: 15,298 words

Day 28: 15,667 words

To say I’ve flapped about trying to find my feet with Twitter, I have to say I am pretty proud of my words counts.

I’ve been retreading some old ground with more character discovering and my FMC worrying about her place at school and within the family but with her setting off to school now, I can definitely feel myself moving into new territory, I say hopefully now! I’ve ended using description of the family’s parents in relation to my FMC to describe her because I am god awful at description, especially for characters and how they look. Also had the father show he wants as little to do with her as possible and finds her embarrassing but I can’t help feeling there is something underneath all that in regards to the father. Maybe I will discover it later, maybe not. We will see.

How much writing I will get done today and in the next few days may well be down to how easy or otherwise Windows 10 is to install and use.

Camp NaNoWriMo July 2015: Day 21

Camp Winner 2015 Banner

Day 21: 12,446 words

Only thing that happened was that my FMC returned home and came face to face with her family again who were all put out that she had come home. They had thought they were rid of her forever. Ended up describing the house and the FMC’s bedroom for word count then the FMC started wondering what she should take with her to her new school. Since I never went to boarding school, I found myself wondering too. A quick Google search later unearthed a very helpful thread on popular parenting site Mumsnet answering all sorts of questions about boarding school. It is a goldmine of information. Definitely recommend it.

Now I have a rough idea of what she, the MMC and the other character should take, it should make writing easier.

#NaNoPrep 9: Warn your family

Or better yet, rope them in! Granted, there are only a couple of days before November starts…

Creativity In The Box

Yesterday’s advice was to get outside and get some fresh air, today’s is to spend some time with those you love most. If you’re going to need every second to get your words out, they might feel left out. Now is a good time to warn them of the madness on which you are about to embark, and to make sure you do actually get to see them over the next month. You want their support and encouragement, not their nagging. If you can, negotiate your way through the month in advance. Maybe Wednesday and Sunday are family days, when you don’t get to write but do get to see their lovely faces. Or maybe you’re going to write after dinner, and get the rest of the day with them, or get up early and have the house to yourself without someone asking strange questions.

Now is the best time…

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Book Review: Skulduggery Pleasant, The Dying of the Light

In accordance with Derek Landy’s wishes, this is not going to be the long, in-depth review I would love to do as I don’t want to risk any accidental spoilers. I would advise however, if you have not read the book, to NOT the read this review.

44783-tdotlshadowfoilThe End is Nigh! Skulduggery and Stephanie are tracking down Darquesse to prevent the prophecy from coming true and are drawing together an all-star team but not everything is as it seems as they chase her from Roarhaven to Uncle Gordon’s house. Not everyone is going to make it out alive…

This is a fantastic end to the series with plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader hooked from start to finish. It is advisable to read the book carefully as Landy clues the reader into what is going to happen at the end but does it in such a way that it leaves the reader constantly guessing how the book is actually going to end. Landy also cleverly ends and starts chapters in such a way that it again clues the reader into what is actually happening at that point in the book.

The story also has a lot of links back into the earlier books but especially references the first book heavily. If you plan on reading this book, read it from start to end. You will not be disappointed.

It is clever but can leave the reader struggling and confused somewhat, especially in the first instances that he is doing it. The book is also structured somewhat oddly throughout and at the end, it seems like Landy has forgotten a storyline and is suddenly hurrying to try and finish it. In an odd way, whilst it is not following the storyline of the first book, it is doing it enough to give a reader déjà vu.

If you love this series, you will not be disappointed with this finale and Derek Landy has delivered a book that will keep long time fans hooked and satisfied from start to end. I would definitely recommend this book!


Final How To Train Your Dragon 2 Trailer Released!

Dreamworks today posted the final trailer for How To Train Your Dragon 2! This trailer shows us a lot more than we have seen before, gives us clues that we are about to see and learn a lot more about our favourite dragons and many new ones. It also includes part of the Itchy Armpit clip!

Watch it here:

I am SUPER excited for this film and cannot wait for its release. From what I can find, UK release is slated for July.