Camp NaNoWriMo July 2015: Day 6


Day 6: 4,150 words

After a moment of annoyance with my Excel progress tracker (not mine. Available from here) because it had lost several days worth of word count data, I managed to push on and write more on the sci-fi robotics story by simply skipping over a scene I was stuck on. It was of great help and yielded some interesting ideas that influence the plot later in ways I hadn’t thought about.

I also wrote a little more on the other magic school story, mostly revealing a bit more background. Hopefully, that will kick-start a bit more now I have most of it out of the way though I am only writing that at the tail ends of writing sessions and I am usually tired by then.

I am now also very much ahead of the curve for my 10,000 word target. This might seem low considering my progress and the fact I am working on two stories but it will only take for me to have a lazy/non-writing day or two to be some way behind or ahead by only a few words.

Hope everyone else’s writing is going as well.