#Writing Update

Word count: 4,217 words

With that word count, it means I have just over 1,600 words to hit this month’s word count target of 10,000 words. I am naturally going to see if I can beat it by way and it is possible with over a week to go of this month. I could also get the just over 1,800 I didn’t get last month.

The main reason for the big word count is the fact that my character (and I) have discovered she is a dab hand at duelling, even with a very basic knowledge of magic. Of course there is some fun to be had with that and is perhaps ideally revealed now as my FMC’s secret has been announced to an after school club she has joined before going round the school like wildfire.

It is earlier than I anticipated but I am realising that realistically, when it comes to names, it would be very difficult for her to hide it and perhaps should have come out earlier. But it is out now and I know I can use it for some fun, especially as she and her classmates have not yet been sorted. All their true natures could come out and make sorting them for the school (and for myself) much easier. I still have no idea how they are going to be sorted or how I am going to make it a magical process. I just know it happens on Halloween.

I am actually excited by the possibilities suddenly opened up by revealing her name now, both at school and upon her return home and still the main plot line is intact. Something mentioned could actually now help play into the hands of it even though it was meant to be throwaway background information about my FMC.

Plan for this week is primarily just to keep writing and keep going with the story. Finish my word count and perhaps catch up last months words too then keep pushing to make my graph look all pretty and nice! As a quick aside, the picture is perfect since the new series of Doctor Who started today in the UK and I stopped writing this post to watch it. There is every chance I might be tempted to keep using it for the rest of this series’ run.

Monthly #Writing Update

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I wasn’t able to post on Saturday as planned so figured I might as well wait until today, the last day of the month, to post and do it as a monthly thing. I have started using the Write All Year Excel sheet to track my word counts and other little things so it just feels right to do it like this. The main reason I am not doing it tomorrow is because I have errands to run and it is 1st September, Back to Hogwarts Day, so I suspect I will be distracted and will forget. It does mean that this is not a full monthly update.

Whether or not this will be the only Monthly update or it continues, I don’t know.

Weekly Word Count: 2,963 words

Monthly Word Count (so far): 8,081 words

So I am still shy of my 10k target for this month but either way, that is a lot of words.

I didn’t exactly do all of my aims from last week. The idea story does have some mileage in it but I ended up putting it aside and the plans to completely rewrite the first chapter of my Novella MS in favour of my Camp story. I do want to go back to the idea story with the magical spy character but I suspect it is going to come down to motivation. The Novella MS will just have to stay on my list of things to do.

The Camp story meanwhile, keeps being pushed on and on. I don’t know why I seem so fixated on it. I am just really enjoying writing it. Maybe it is because of the time of year or maybe it’s because the story keeps throwing up new ideas and announcing stuff I was not aware of was included in the story. This might sound weird to a planner but to someone like me, who plans but also allows the characters to take the lead on stuff, it can happen. It is not without its problems though.

There is a definitely Hogwarts feel starting to come to it as the characters announced that there were houses at the school, based on personality. I am not entirely happy with the personality aspect nor how the pupils are divided up between them: observations from staff, Head Boy and Girl and the Prefects who then decide who goes to what house. I am trying to think of a much more magical way for it to happen and no, a Sorting Hat is not an option! I have looked to see how places like Harrow and Eton house their pupils but it came down to complimenting the current cohorts in those houses in terms of skills, academic and sporting.

If anyone has any suggestions that might help, comment below.

Two other things have cropped up that have stopped me writing. One, the look and layout of the school buildings. I have found pictures of a building in New York that I feel is right for the school but also encompasses the equilateral and uniform design of Georgian mansion architecture. I can see it in my head because of those pictures, stuff I did at school and my local area however as I had my characters start exploring the school, I realised I needed to review parts of the design to figure out where everything is, like shared and separate facilities. I might need to do some drawing out of some stuff but for the most part I think it is sorted.

Another thing that cropped up whilst I was having two characters argue was the social structure of the magical society. It is probably going to be along similar lines of class structures within society like upper, middle and lower class at its most basic but not quite. It was a bit silly to think that this wouldn’t come up as a hierarchy of sorts with the schools is already at major play. Another thing is that one of the characters in the argument I suspect is titled so I may need to look up maybe died out titles within aristocracy or perhaps invent new ones. Is that possible?

This month, I definitely did not meet all the aims and goals I set myself but I feel I also succeeded in doing a lot too, including attending my first NaNoWriMo Write In. My local group does them year round so it’s great to be able to jump in without the pressures of NaNoWriMo itself. Hopefully, I am going to be able to attend more now I have actually managed to navigate and get there and back without hiccup. With a new month beginning tomorrow and the run up to Halloween, NaNo and Christmas as well as the events themselves, it could be a very interesting time to say the least for how much or little continues to be written.

Camp NaNoWriMo April 2015: Day 9


Word Count: 9,787 words

Not much happened yesterday if I am being honest. Mostly it was my main character and her almost boyfriend getting into trouble with their boss for their argument (it had disturbed other rangers) and my main character packing up her life and getting ready to leave for her new job.

Since that is all that happened really, I can’t say much more.

Too Early?

Source: Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum

First things first, sorry for not posting much this week. Second of all, this is a bit of a ramble, sorry. Again.

Perhaps it’s because it is the horrible back-end of January, I am bored and have, let’s face it, very little to do beyond job hunting but my brain is already thinking about Camp NaNoWriMo in April. And it’s started planning the story already.

I am not going to go into details now about the story (I need something to write about come end of March!) but me thinking about it has also got me thinking, is it too early to start planning anything? And what can I do between now and end of March? I am trying to write what I can at the moment, which is very little if I am being honest, but I am finding myself at a loose end. February brings Valentines Day, Shrove Tuesday and Chinese New Year, things to write about but back-end of January can be so boring because it is back to the daily grind.

This past Monday (19th January) was the most depressing day of the year. Yes, we’ve had snow here in the UK with all the usual grinding to a halt that usually happens but beyond that, nothing. January is so quiet, it leads to me thinking and to me planning for April. I know it’s not a bad thing to plan early but considering I want to give myself stuff to do later in the year, I just don’t know what to do with myself.

Anyone got ideas? Are you bored this January? What has everyone else been doing to keep boredom at bay? Also, is it too early to be thinking about April Camp session?

5 heritage sites saved by their local community

Some amazing stories here and beautiful pictures. Possible inspiration for stories?

Heritage Calling

1. Hastings Pier, East Sussex

Hasting pierHastings Pier was built in 1872 and flourished during the Victorian seaside tourist boom. Following a recent troubled history it has been rescued by Hastings Pier Charity and White Rock Trust who, with grants from English Heritage and Heritage Lottery Fund, are repairing the Victorian structure to create a People’s Pier, owned by local residents and businesses.

2. Battersea Arts Centre, London

Battersea Arts Centre Image 2Battersea Arts Centre Charity campaigned to save this building in 1970 when it was threatened with demolition and in 2008 it was transferred to them, marking the start of a £13m restoration programme. The centre now welcomes 200,000 visitors a year, drawing on a national audience for shows alongside local communities who come to access a variety of services for children, young people and families. The centre has also been able to provide a base for youth activities and parent groups at a time…

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NaNoWriMo Prep

Yes, I have decided to do NaNoWriMo this November. No, I don’t know how successful I am going to be considering I am still job hunting. Yes, I also know it is only September so why am I even thinking that far ahead?!

It’s because this idea for NaNo is something that came to me months ago, around the time of the last Camp session actually. I scribbled it down along with some story I had in my head and just knew instantly that this was the idea I want to do for November. I think I am in with a chance of getting a somewhere near decent word count due to having a fairly clear idea of the basic story, the characters motivations and quests. I also have an idea of the end point.

I am wondering about changing one or two things through from the original idea, including where part of the story takes place. I was originally thinking of it being down South somewhere, like Oxfordshire or Cambridgeshire, since Higher Education does play a part in one of the story lines but I have wondered instead if I should move that section up to Scotland. I’ve started doing some research to help me figure out what to do about that section, as well as keeping a close eye on the Scottish Referendum yesterday. Since they said No, it does remove one of the possible problems I could have had.

Okay, so I am rambling a little now but I am looking forward to NaNo this year. Is anyone else doing National Novel Writing Month this November?  Have you started thinking about what you intend to write yet? Got any thoughts from my ramblings? Don’t be afraid to comment below.

Camp NaNoWriMo: Day 7 and 8

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Day 7: 4,563 words

Day 8: 5,006 words

LOOK! I finally passed the 5k mark! This will be a brief update as the story is moving so slowly despite plot happening.

In basic, what has happened is that my two main characters have found documents that show that something is amiss among the governors of the school or college as it has become and they are slightly in disagreement about whether they are over thinking about the documents and what they mean. My FMC has decided her next stage in education (I’ve had to lower her age to help me think properly) and has just had a brief sparring round with my MMC.

Yes, very little. Ugh, this is definitely not going to be something I go back and edit. My other NaNo’s have a higher chance of that happening.

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