Elementals Writing Challenge

Okay, I am working on The Lone Ranger and Black Butler reviews, plus the articles but I am also applying for jobs so please bare with me. For now though, I will leave this elemental Writing Challenge for you all to get your creative juices flowing this fine Monday:

1. Fire
2. Earth
3. Air
4. Water
5. Electricity
6. Light
7. Poison
8. Darkness
9. Bubbles
10. Ghost
11. Blood
12. Hearts
13. Sand
14. Time
15. Space

Two good friends of mine over on deviantArt, Unspecified-Reasons and Cryogenic-Sean, have both blogged about and tipped me off to it and I am working my way through them. All the resulting flash fictions are going to be posted on my deviantART page (which should be linked in my “About Me” section).

Now, to figure out what to write for 3. Air…