Musings on Christmas and Writing

First things first, sorry for the lack of posts as of late. Don’t you just love it when life in gets in the way? I also haven’t written as much as I would like on my NaNo. Whether or not it is going to be ready for editing by January or February time is now unclear. Still, a break from it might just help me write more and better.

It’s not being all bad as life has also led to me to doing some musing on two different ideas. One of the two I am going to do as a separate post as I have enough to do a short, quick one. The other one, which is less developed, is alluded to in the title and is admittedly more me asking for help from other people.

Writing over Christmas could be a challenge. Source: Google Images

With Christmas coming up, it’s got me questioning how I am going to keep writing over the festive period whilst my family is at home, leaving me without much opportunity for the quiet I like when I am concentrating and writing. I know retreating to my room is an option and I have gone to a library on New Years Eve before to sit and work but I was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions to help me and other writers. How do you handle writing when something like Christmas or other big events are going on around them which could derail them?

Do you shut yourself away, find a place to write or even accept that you are going to get little written? Any replies on this would be appreciated in helping me figure out my plan of action and possibly help me and others in the new year.

NaNoWriMo: Days 27-30

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So NaNo is over! My final word count, for the month at least, is 28,393.

I decided to bullet point out the rest of the story so I knew where I would be going with the story since I want to try to at least finish it. It seems my subconscious, through my characters, actually did like my original planning as it suddenly reappeared as I was bullet pointing it out, not in the same fashion but still there. Of course, that still could change in itself. Me and planning are the easiest of bedfellows!

I am wondering if I am going to succeed in completing the story in time for The “Now What?” Months in January and February. I can always try right? I do recommend having a read of Steven Chapman’s advice for keeping going and keep writing. You can find it at “They Think It’s All Over…”

This past month has been a bit mad, especially with everything happening personally, as well as having non-compliant characters and surprising changes. There are still some things I would add and take away and that’s partly why I am wanting to finish the story in time for “Now What?”. Even if it leads nowhere, I am curious about what I could do with it plus there is potential for a sequel.

We will just have to see what happens. I do want to keep writing everyday if possible, to take my mind away from other issues, but Tumblr may yet fulfil that role.

NaNoWriMo: Days 19-26

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This new WordPress layout is still a little weird to me. Sorry, I needed to say that.

On the subject of NaNoWriMo, I am now up to 22,276 words so I am at least on target for 25k by the end of the month. I am however wondering if this story could go beyond the 25k that I thought it would be especially as I have realised after going back over stuff at the beginning that I have a bit more story to play with than I thought. This could end up going up to 30,000 words. Well, we shall see?

I am also privately amused that I managed to bring in two of my characters from my university dissertation into the novel and not just for kicks. They actually played a part in establishing a bit more of the world and where places are in relation to one another. Job well done I say.

I know we haven’t hit the end of the month yet so it is probably a bit early to start thinking about the editing part of NaNoWriMo. If you are unsure what I am talking about, on your dash, there are virtual badges for making your novel on the website, hitting different targets, validating, donating, etc. and one that, when you hover over it, says: “You can’t make a revision promise yet. You’ll be able to promise to revise your novel once November ends.” I believe this is in reference to some things they post from January onwards about revising and editing your NaNo. At least, I seem to remember they did last year.

I think I might join in with that as I think I am onto something with this. I say think because, well, personal issues are causing me a lot of problems as I have mentioned before but it’ll keep me entertained, a little, maybe come January, right?


Sorry for the lack of posts this week. This one is to apologise, explain why I haven’t been posting and really just me talking other things out to just get them out of my system.

So why haven’t I been posting? Well, I am still job hunting and it seems to me that I am having worse luck last and this week than in previous weeks with my job hunt. I’m not sure if this is just my experience or if others are also having this issue. I am looking to extend my voluntary work with the National Trust to at least give me something to do that will keep me sane and give me extra experience. Might also distract me from constantly looking at post-grad courses I cannot afford to do. A habit that shows itself when I get particularly downhearted by my job search.

So far, the issues I am having with my job hunting are coming out as me being unable and/or struggling to find the motivation to write, edit or rewrite anything. In saying that though, I am thinking and considering editing and rewriting things, including a story to post on here. This might sound weird to some people but the characters have been playing and shouting at me in my head for the past week or so and I just need to get it out of my system I think. That is, if I can finally force myself to do anything as it is only thinking and considering.

In relation to writing, I am finding my thoughts are also starting to turn to Camp NaNoWriMo and the first session in April. I am not sure if I should even be thinking about doing the sessions when I have a job to hunt for and, potentially, could clash with assessment days, etc. related to job hunting. I have however had an idea or actually a thought to play around with which came to mind whilst watching the Harrow series on Sky 1.

It surrounds the idea of house masters, the children of the house master and their schooling. I am still playing with it and trying to figure out what exactly I could do with the idea but I think there might be something in it. If I decide to do camp, this would probably be the story I would do.

So yeah, that’s pretty much what is happening in my head at the moment and why I haven’t been posting lately. Sorry again!