#NaNoWriMo #Writing Update


Week 1 Word Count: 5,123 words

Not a bad start to November considering how busy life has been as of late. Nearly forgot about doing this until I needed a way to procrastinate having hit a slight wall.

In basic, the month has started with some unexpected possible foreshadowing, musings about one of the characters and my FMC’s mother now being a gibbering wreck under her now cult leader husbands control. My FMC and her mum were then dumped at the dirty, unoccupied and trashed former family home and the rest of the family, now cult, going to live in their compound, aka field. My FMC has had to become the adult of the house as she tries to clean and make the house liveable whilst relying on a local church food bank to get food and basic living items for them thanks to her stepfather giving them no money to spend. She has also learnt what has happened in her absence.

As you might be able to tell, much of this has happened on the fly as I have written but it does fit for now and I want to keep going until I finish the draft at least. Word count wise, I figured out I need to write 12,800 words this month to be on target for the rest of the year. My current word count means I am ahead of where I need to be based on that target. This is partly because of how busy life is so have not written for a few days. I am happy though with my progress.

How’s your writing going this month? Ahead or chasing? Had any unexpected surprises? Keeping on track with your plan? Do comment below if you wish.

Camp #NaNoWriMo April 2016: Days 27-30 and Review


Final Word Count: 22,304 words

Know what I was saying last time about having a winners banner at the top of the post for yesterday? Well, obviously, I didn’t. I spent two days curled under a blanket, cold and feeling ick, so no writing happened. The knock on effect was that I just didn’t have the time to write the words remaining.

The love interest didn’t get his full introduction, intended to happen in the book store, and instead my FMC might be getting a kitten instead who is very similar to her, I think. I guess I will have to see. That’s actually about all I’ve really written, so minimal.

Over all, last month was rambling, bouncing around and far too detailed for the start of the book. I am not sure entirely how that happened. I know it is partly because it was quite heavily changed from the original draft and I went down the wrong path when I started writing. But quite how it went all over the place so I am not even hitting the school stuff, I have no idea. I have noted the odd issue already on here when I have written updates, including the fact that I think I have started the story too early in story time.

I have wondered if part of the reason that the story is going so slowly is that I have my FMC alone so much. In the other draft, my FMC had someone to talk to, a friend of sorts. This is something I have noticed and why the love interest and the cat has dominated my thinking a bit. I need another character who she can interact with before she gets to school. Perhaps the cat is the way to go for now.

Another issue that has slowed the story I think is the domestic abuse storyline. I think I may have gone a little far with that and it has no use with being so close to the surface. The way I’ve introduced it doesn’t feel perhaps as it should.  Of course, it is something that jumped into the foreground suddenly. It has its place but it shouldn’t be appearing much as it is.

That will get sorted eventually, should I ever rewrite this, but for now I know I need to keep writing. Once I get those words written and the story is finished, I will know how to rewrite it in a much tighter form. At least that’s the idea. I already know one or two parts that needs removing and reworking, but as I said, that will all be sorted later. For now, writing.

Congratulations to anyone who got their word count and if you didn’t, know you are amazing for taking on such a challenge. Some words are better than none. How do you think you got on? Good? Bad? Are you continuing your story, planning to rewrite and edit or just putting it aside? Don’t be afraid to comment below.

Camp #NaNoWriMo April 2016: Days 1-4


Current Word Count: 6,298 words

If you follow me on Twitter or watch my Twitter feed via this blog, you know I am doing Camp once again. The story I have definitely ended up doing is rewriting my July 2015 story. It’s the one I just seem to know my way on, even if it is throwing up some surprises.

This month did not get off to a smooth start. Day 1 ended up being a bust as I ended up falling asleep before I could get anything written. I knew my story, knew roughly where to start but I was just too tired I think. Day 2, I attended a local write in and that definitely got me going, somewhat in the wrong direction but it got me going at least. It also helped me acquaint myself with my FMC and her family.

It’s been over the last couple of days that I have really got going, somewhat, rediscover some things and realising new ones about characters and events in the story, such as FMC’s mother had an affair with her childhood sweetheart (who is proving The Librarians/Flynn Carsen-like at the moment) and that the FMC and her mother are both possible victims of domestic abuse. There is also a slavery angle that could prove integral. Certainly not completely what I was thinking when I started writing this last year but still, that’s good as it is world building in a way whilst also pushing the story on.

I like it though when those things happen, especially during events like this as it is word count. I am ahead of where I need to be by about 2,000 words but that is partly because one of my friends is very far ahead of me. I know, I am being competitive but that’s the way I am. It also encouraging to get my word count quicker, which I like.

How’s you Camp going? Ahead? Behind? Discovered something new about your story? I hope you are having fun!