Mark Gatiss Writing Two Doctor Who Episodes

Information about Capaldi’s first series as the wandering Time Lord is coming in slowly but surely now the series is being filmed.

The Radio Times is reporting that Mark Gatiss has said he is writing two episodes for Capaldi’s Doctor but “that doesn’t mean they’ll both necessarily be in this season.” Well known from writing for and appearing in BBC’s Sherlock, he has also starred in Doctor Who and written for the series six times before, most recently being Cold War and The Crimson Horror for series seven.

The end of the 50th Anniversary episode, The Day of the Doctor, saw the return of Gallifrey and the Time Lords but Gatiss has urged caution at bringing the home planet and the Doctor’s people back into the series too much.


“Every time you go back to Gallifrey, it starts to make the Time Lords a bit too domesticated,” he said, whilst on tour in Brazil, promoting BBC Worldwide. “I know that’s why Russell T Davies [the previous show runner] came up with the whole idea of the Doctor being the last one because eventually if you see them so often they become a bit like a bunch of MPs, whereas if you talk about them as this amazing, powerful force, they’re much more exciting.”

He then said he didn’t know if he would ever do an episode set on Gallifrey. “I think the way the Time Lords were represented in The End of Time and The Day of the Doctor was very exciting because we’re seeing them in a crisis and they’re trying to come up with different ways of saving themselves. But I suppose if the Doctor ever does find Gallifrey again, then we might find out more. Who knows…?”

Series eight of Doctor Who is expected to air later this year.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Extra Goodies

Okay, so if you haven’t watched the special, I would NOT recommend reading this post until AFTER you have watched it. I don’t want to accidentally give away any spoilers.

BBC America has a load of extra stuff for you to check out including a deleted scene

…And inside looks at the 50th special:

And if that wasn’t enough, the Classic Doctors have tried to get involved with the 50th Special. The BBC have released the 30 minute Five Doctors Reboot which you can find here: And don’t forget to check out the other goodies on there too. (I apologise if it doesn’t work outside of the UK!)

And once you have finished with that, how about some (Christmas) pudding with the Christmas Doctor Who Teaser Trailer?:


Doctor Who 50th Special

The Doctor Who title card for series 6, simila...

The Doctor Who title card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can’t function at the moment! I, I, I…

Because I know there will be people who haven’t seen The Day of the Doctor just yet, I won’t say too much.

I think I just need a minute to…settle down… I keep bouncing up and down in excitement at Doctor Who! I love Mr Moffat and I, I, I am just so happy!

Maybe I should channel this excitement into, you know, actually getting more words written for NaNoWriMo so I can finish the month on a somewhere near decent and respectable word count!

Doctor Who Children In Need Clip

I might be posting a few times through this evening about the various things I have enjoyed during Children In Need and I am starting with the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary clip:

Don’t forget to give what you can to Children In Need to help less fortunate children in the UK.