#CampNaNoWriMo July 2016: Day 5


Word Count: 6,013 words

Had a really good day yesterday. It was mostly focused on showing the slavery side of life in my FMC’s country and revealing the abuses that they go through. The reason all of this was revealed was partly to finishing up my FMC’s memory that I had finished midway through the day before but also because my FMC is finishing her journalism studies and was working on a final project piece about slaves at the seminary her dad teaches at when he’s not preaching to his flock. It was whilst there that she discovered the underbelly of the industry.

Let me just say that I am in no way indicating that any real life church or religion is bad or anything of the sort. It’s just the way things work in my story.

On a lighter note, my FMC has also met her sister’s boyfriend’s werewolf family. There, she discovered the camaraderie and the closeness of the family and it gave her confidence that her sister and her baby will be safe and supported, especially as her boyfriend’s mum pretty much told them that they were to marry now that the sister was pregnant. The boyfriend’s mum also talked to my FMC about their parents reaction whilst also giving my FMC a chance to tell her that the sister had been thrown out because of the pregnancy.

Everything that happened in the story though has got me thinking that I need to tone down the romance story line. My FMC is also quite possibly too sheltered so the fact she seems to be heading down the investigative journalist line might actually be a real help. It would open up a few lines of thought and make her a bit more active in later events.

It also means I am roughly two days ahead of schedule which is good because this weekend, there is every chance I am not going to have any time or energy to write. I just need to make sure I keep that buffer up.

How is everything going for you? Still enjoying your story or struggling? Do comment below.

JK Rowling paid damages by Daily Mail

The UK newspaper, the Daily Mail, has been made to print an apology and pay “substantial” damages to JK Rowling, BBC News reports.

In September last year, the Daily Mail printed an article on suggesting that JK Rowling told a false “sob story” after being stigmatised by church goers when she was a single mother. The story was based on an article Rowling wrote for Gingerbread, a single parent charity. (You can read the original article here: http://www.gingerbread.org.uk/content/1901/J-K-Rowling).

Rowling sued the paper for libel, saying that the article was “misleading” and “unfair”, caused her great distress and embarrassment and had injured her reputation. In January, the Daily Mail admitted liability and promised to print an apology and pay damages. The BBC has said that all the damage money has been donated to charity by Rowling.

Read the full article by BBC News for further details at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-27312080.

Film Review: Keeping Mum

I’ve been looking forward to being finally able to review this film. It’s one of those film that I always seem to miss the first bit of when ever it is on Film4.

The little village of Little Wallop is your typical English village but Gloria Goodfellow (Kristin Scott Thomas) is going crazy.

Her vicar husband, Walter Goodfellow (Rowan Atkinson), is so obsessed with writing the perfect sermon, he is completely ignoring his wife, who is having an affair with her American golf instructor Lance (Patrick Swayze). His seventeen year old nymphomaniac daughter Holly (Tamsin Egerton) has a different boyfriend every week and his son Petey (Toby Parkes) is the victim of school bullies.

Gloria is praying for a miracle when a new housekeeper arrives. Sweet old lady Grace (Maggie Smith) is the answer to all Gloria’s prayers. She has a unique way of keeping house and even more unique way of dealing with problems.

This is a great British comedy with an all-star cast with some brilliant laugh out loud moments. The film shows off the best in British talent from the actors in front of the camera and the people behind it. The script is a great example of British wit and humour whilst the film locations, in Cornwall and on the Isle of Wight, shows just how beautiful the English countryside can be, away from the city streets that seem to be the norm. It draws the audience in right from the start and keeps them entertained from start to finish.

This is a comedy film but Atkinson shows he is capable of carrying off a very serious role away from his iconic bumbling Mr Bean character whilst Smith, who is normally seen in rather staid roles such as Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter franchise, is perfect as the fun and very British Grace who seems to always be looking for a good cup of tea.

The film features a lot of sexual references, nudity and some strong language and whilst overt, it does not detract from the film. It is however a good reason why the BBFC rated this film as a 15. I would not recommend watching this film with young kids around as this is not a Jacqueline Wilson type of story, who has a book by the same name. It is slow in places but it does succeed in keeping its audience even then with other elements.

This is a great film to enjoy for a night in, whether alone or with friends and will leave you giggling, laughing and at least smiling through out. Whilst it won’t have you holding your sides or anything like that, it is great fun, with a wonderfully British feel to it.