Camp NaNoWriMo Day 11

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Okay, this is my attempt to chill myself out before settling back down to write. Whether that works or not, we will see.

So the main thing that happened yesterday is that I discovered part of my research was incorrect… Not too badly incorrect but I discovered I have been looking at the wrong building for the International Criminal Court on Google Maps. Seems I have been looking at the building for the International Court of Justice, not the Criminal Court.

I discovered this by accident when I was having a quick planning session before getting on with writing about one of my characters being light-fingered and stealing the disguises he needs for himself and a couple of other characters for the next part of my novel. Not a big problem but the planning session ended up mingling with my writing time whilst I worked on that section.

Writing the character‘s light fingered…ness… has given rise to a possible comedy moment which will make my character hate me even more than he already does. He is taking his revenge by being a tad dirty minded… I have a few words for him. None of them are repeatable.

Today (12/07/2013), I finally got a book I had ordered from the library and after a quick flick through and read of a few sections, if I ever edit this novel, I think I need to seriously consider creating a fictional court for my character to be tried in. For now though, I will just have to work around certain matters using creative license and the fact that it is NaNo! So some research just does not and will not happen!

Either way, that section and possibly my fight with the character may yet help me at least hit today’s wc.

Word count: 17,375 words

 Ashes Cricket Update:

England are 302 for 6, leading Australia by 237 runs with 4 wickets to go!


Camp NaNoWriMo Day 10

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Okay, yesterday was pretty good. Cut my deficit down but still got 2002 words to do today if I want to catch up.

I probably could have done more but I have had an issue with my laptop and where things are saved to. Suffice it to say that there are copies of pretty much all of my important files on various web-based storage systems and on some external hard drives thank goodness. However, because I was having to deal with that problem, it meant I lost some time writing yesterday.

My locked up character has had a nasty shock and discovered that she has a murder charge against her (not everything is as it seems with that one!) and my other character is learning that their joint past is coming back to haunt them and that he is going to have to work fast if he plans on saving her from being a sitting duck in prison.

I will leave it to any of you out there, who are interested, to try to figure out what I am up to when I say sitting duck.

I am also experiencing a slight character rebellion with one of my characters. The one who is free is trying to either make me take him to Amsterdam (I won’t say for what!) or have me let him make an attempt to bust the locked up character out of the Detention Centre. I know for definite he is not going to Amsterdam but the character is slowly beginning to sway me towards letting him go to the Detention Centre.

If he is lucky today, I might let him but for now…

Word Count: 15,739 words

And a quick Ashes cricket update:

England were bowled out for 215 runs. They then bowled Australia out for 280. In their second innings, England are now 11 runs for 2 wickets, trailing Australia by 54 runs with 8 wickets to go. (15:59, 11/07/2013)