SEO for Authors: Naming Yourself

Something to seriously think about if you plan to be a professional writer.


Alicia K. Anderson

What should I call my blog?

What should my Twitter handle be?
Should I use a pseudonym? How will I choose it?
Should I be First Name + Last Name? First intial + Middle name?
What’s in a name?

Here’s your marketing take away killer blurb line:
Your presence online serves for readers to be able to find you. People look for books by Author Name more often than via any other kind of search.  
If it’s not too late for you, use your chosen author name for your website, for your twitter handle, for everything you possibly can.  (Including Pinterest, Facebook, Google Plus – all of them. And I don’t care if you don’t use it. Grab your chosen name as soon as you can and park it. Just OWN it.)  When a reader Googles you, your name, your face, your website should show up in search…

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