Camp NaNoWriMo July 2015: Days 14 & 15


Word counts first.

Day 14: 6,778 words

Day 15: 8,668 words

Not much on Tuesday (because I was finishing a YouTube Arkham Knight walk through) but yesterday, I just seem to hit a stride. It also helped that my character was reading an official letter from her new school, along with her school list, so lots of free words there! Because of those words, I am now very close to finishing my 10k word count target. Naturally, I will be aiming to continue writing afterwards but whether that happens, I guess we will have to wait and see.

The Flash First Look Trailer and Arrow Interview

DC Comics have released a first look trailer to advertise their new Flash series. Due to be shown on CW, along with Arrow, the trailer shows The Flash racing to catch an arrow that the Arrow has fired. Take a look at it here:

DC has also posted an interview with Arrow star, Stephen Amell, to celebrate the season finale of series 2 Arrow and the fact that it has been picked up for a third series. Check it out at DC Comics’s website. The company also seems to be determined to take control of television with the announcement of Batman prequel TV series, Gotham. Head on over to this blog post to watch the trailer and to find out more.

New trailer for Gotham TV Series

DC and Fox Broadcasting have released an extended trailer for  a prequel TV series for Batman.

Gotham takes place some years before the Batman franchise, revealing the origin stories of Bruce Wayne, James “Jim” Gordon, Poison Ivy, Penguin, Catwoman and many, many more. Gotham City is a corrupt city on a knife-edge and the series follows the rise of a young police officer through the ranks. Have a look at the trailer here:

DC also has successful series Arrow, following Oliver Queen as the Green Arrow defending Starling City, which has been picked up for a third season by CW (find out more at along with spin-off series, The Flash.