#Writing Update

3278e-writerA bit late and just a quick one.

Word count: 1,172 words

Very little written but it was enough to get me going, especially as I have lowered my target for this month to 2,500. This is mainly because life is having to take priority and that will remain the case for the rest of the month at least.

The FMC has tried to get to the bottom of what has happened to the MMC. She has landed in a bit of bother for it but I think it might turn out to be the obligatory gone rogue story that most crime stories seem to need. I’ve not really ever written something like that before so it will be interesting. I have also skipped to the end of the story as the “go-rogue” thing just happened and I think I would need to plan it to make sure I get it right. The ending at least, is easier to write as I know what need and has to happen there.

I have also been considering April Camp NaNoWriMo again. This was prompted by a friend saying they are wanting to give it a go and would feel better doing so if I am also there for them to talk and take part against. I am now really tempted to do it. I would be writing anyway and you can change your word target to something less than 50k (or more if you are feeling ambitious). If I am going to be writing, I may as well take part and support my friend at that same time. Seems daft not to really.

How has your March started? Working on something new or continuing with an existing piece? Also, are my reasons for possibly participating in Camp good or bad? Feel free to comment below.