Camp NaNoWriMo Day 23 & 24

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Yep, this month has gone completely to pot.

I like to write Digimon Fan Fiction featuring Wizardmon.

I have gotten so fed up with my novel (BAD SIGN! VERY BAD SIGN!) that I have all but given up and decided to write a Digimon fan fiction instead. I’ve discussed before how, when I am bored and need to write, I will write Digimon fan fiction. None of it is very good and a majority never gets finished but for me, I’m writing and it keeps me happy. I will also be adding the word count from it to my wc for NaNo. Yes, I know it’s not in the spirit of the event but quite frankly, I started this month planning to rebel, moved to a different story, lowered my word count from the original 50 thousand and now working on something else.

As I said, this month has gone to pot.

(Picture: Wizardmon by ~DigimonGif)

I have today got a couple of books from the library that I have waited for since the start of this month to help me actually write the novel. Granted, I will probably end up jumping around the timeline and writing a lot of things in note form but if it helps, it helps…right?

The 23rd I got no words written, mainly because of the issues I have had with the novel and the word I have written yesterday (and a few I have written which have gone on to today’s word count) were from the Digimon fan fiction. If I am being honest, I think this month is going to be a flop but I am not quitting. I am at least going to try to continue writing everyday, even if only a little.

Day 23: 24,986 words

Day 24: 25,185 words.

Camp NaNoWriMo Day 22

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So yesterday, I only just managed to get my word count for the day in spite of the fact that my brain was sparking an idea for a story due to me looking up my university’s academic dress. Well, that plus my mind is still a bit bored of this novel… Not a particularly good time…

When I was writing for NaNo, I’ve ended up abusing my poor locked up character by having her be forceful showered with a hose (think Shawshank Redemption) before being sexually assaulted and being abused as she’s taken back to her cell. So yeah, rather grim.

I would just like to quickly say that this is all fiction naturally and I know the ICC and the Convention of Human Rights would prevent this behaviour and I’m not saying this does happen in real life!

But yeah, that was about the extent of what I wrote yesterday. Not much.

I still have to do today’s writing but I’ve been a bit busy, not least of all because I found myself getting roped in to babysit my nephews. Only reason I am managing to write this is because we have got the older one of my nephews watching Wizard of Oz and I’ve been able to move to my bedroom to write and get a bit of peace and quiet. Can’t see it lasting but I am just grateful for the time I do have now.

Word Count: 24,986 words


Camp NaNoWriMo Days 19, 20 & 21

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Okay, interesting few days. I haven’t posted on here about my progress due to having slight writer’s block on how to proceed and family duties to attend to. It has led to me struggling to get much written but things are improving.

I have gone from struggling to get on with the novel to suddenly getting a break through by thinking I might as well just write notes about the sections I am struggling to write and get to the sections I feel confident I could write.

Day 19, Friday, I sat struggling and managed to just about write the sentencing part of the trial and different character’s reactions to the sentence. This included the detectives decision to open an investigation into it. The detectives at least will give me a storyline to write with if I get struck. I also was on babysitting duty with my two nephews so couldn’t settle down to do much writing anyway with a baby and little boy wanting me to play with them both.

Saturday, day 20, I headed to a local library where I knew I could spend at least an hour on a computer just doing some quick writing to try to get further in the novel. Reason I headed to the library to write is that I actually find it a lot easier to write at a desk and not, as I do at home, with my laptop on my legs sat on the sofa. It proved effective as, after doing a few notes to cross a certain part, I realise that I could move the two characters meeting again to an earlier point during the transfer to Alcatraz prison. This move to the library proved to be a good idea as I ended up writing for an hour and 40 minutes and managed to get 824 words written. That is far more than what I can get done in the same amount of time at home. It also confirmed in my mind that I am going to have to have a proper desk to work at if and when I move out.

I did do a little writing once I got home but since most of my afternoon and evening was taken up by babysitting nephews again and having one fall asleep in my arms, it was less than maybe what I could have gotten done otherwise. I could get a little planning done though due to having the television on and one of the programmes featured a prison riot story. Watching it, it made me realise that for both of my characters to get out of prison, then they would need to start a prison riot of some sort to cover their tracks. They could also enlist the help of other prisoners to help with that and maybe help the prisoners with getting what they want inside the prison…if that makes sense… Yeah, in my imagined criminal world, a lot of deals, etc. get struck.

Day 21, was a Sunday and as I have said before, I don’t tend to write much on a Sunday as it is a family day. This was especially so yesterday since my great-uncle and aunt were visiting my nanan and granddad and my nanan has been in hospital lately so it is little wonder that, whilst getting some writing done, it wasn’t too much. It kept me on target though to finish this month on 35,000 words.

So that’s the update on what has happened over the weekend. Sorry for the lack of updates. It was necessary though for me to get back on track.

Word counts:

Day 19: 22,886 words

Day 20: 23,729 words

Day 21: 24,255 words


Camp NaNoWriMo Day 18

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I think I am bored with my NaNo and this is a dreadful time to discover it, especially since I have already changed my novel idea once this month.

Reason I know I am struggling to write this novel? After thinking about it today, I think I know why: I prefer writing the two main characters when they are in the same scene. Granted that will happen later but meanwhile, I have a bit to write before I get to that point. So now, I am trying to think of a way to get me going to just move on and get on with it. Only thing I can think of  to get me going is to focus on getting out of the 22 thousands and just pushing on with the word count somehow.

Maybe I will hit a streak when I get to the prison where I will have to describe things, including how there is still a working prison on the island when the prison has become a tourist attraction and the characters personal escape plans.

Still need to plan the plans properly admittedly. I have vague ideas.

Another reason I know I am getting bored?

I started thinking about writing some Wizardmon Fan Fiction… Yeah, this is bad! Unless I manage to somehow weave it into the story…

Word Count: 22,814 words


Camp NaNoWriMo Day 17

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This is going to be a short update again, mainly due to the lack of writing and again, it has been because of the blooming trial scene but I have at least got to the end and my character is about to be sentenced. So again, not as far as I wanted but still, I am just glad I can finally get on with writing her reaction to the sentence,her partner in crime’s reaction and the reactions of my detective characters. I can also get on the prison scenes and how my other character plans to go after the other and how he is going to get her out of prison.

That will be fun to do, especially considering I am using Alcatraz as the characters designated prison so I have a little world building and writing of what the prison routine is, which should at least get me about 100 or so words. Hey, every little helps. I also have another sub plot with my two detective characters so I do have stuff to write, even if the detective stuff is largely unplanned due to me only discovering that thread within the last 7 days.

As I said yesterday, I have read a “certain” book and maybe today, maybe tomorrow, I will be reviewing it.

Word Count: 22,692 words