The Writer’s Handbag #Writers #Writerslife

There must be a meme or a challenge in this somewhere. Anyway, I have to agree with the tiny bag thing. It’s impossible to have one if you are a writer!


What Does a Writer Carry in her Handbag

Photo Credit: Stocksnap

Have you ever wondered what a writer puts in their handbag?

I know some of you will have been chewing this one over, so let me enlighten you.

In my fictional podcast ‘The Diary of Roxy Collins’, my character Roxy experiencestiny handbag excitement. She buys herself a tiny handbag in the hope that she can only fill it with just the bare essentials in life; phone, lip gloss, tissues & a small purse. Life would be so much easier for all of us if we could manage with a tiny handbag.

For the record, when you are a writer you can kiss goodbye to the dream of possessing a tiny handbag. There are so many things we have to cart about with us.

So, I thought it would be interesting to see what a Writer’s handbag contains. As I am a writer I thought we…

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