#Writing Update… Or lack of!

d7a3e-writingCurrent Word Count: 2,312 words

So the reason there hasn’t been any writing updates is because of life stuff and lack of inspiration. Every time I have sat down to write, I have hit a wall. I try to put one word in front of the word but always ended up backspacing. I have no idea why I have struggled really but I am proud to say I have at least been writing something just to push me on.

The idea to try to write non-linear is proving difficult but I think that is down to me having grown up being taught to think and write in a linear fashion. Perhaps I need to learn how to break free and experiment more in unconventional ways. If anyone has any advice on this, it would be welcomed.

Will this slump continue? I don’t know. All I know is that my 5k target is unlikely to happen, even with the bank holiday weekend and knowing that I am writing just the right thing with the 1st September on its way. (My owl with my Hogwarts letter still hasn’t shown up!) Right now, I think I just need to get writing.

3 Tips For Writers Block (1 min read)

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If like me you sometimes struggle to get the creative juices flowing, it can quickly become very frustrating. There’s nothing worse than knowing you need to write something, but you can’t seem to put two words together. So here are three tips to help you get going again!

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#Writing Update #MondayBlogs

Sherlock WritingWord count: 1,310 words

Quick apologies for not posting sooner. Been very distracted so things have dropped by the wayside. Oops. Time to catch up then. In saying that, I’ve not had a bad start to the month.

As I said in my earlier post, I am experimenting with writing scenes out-of-order so I have ended up writing one of the ending scenes where my FMC is with her siblings and cousins for possibly the last time and meets her father for the first time. It’s clunky at best but it’ll do for now as a first draft. After finishing that, I moved back to where I had left off at the end of June with my characters on the train meeting and got some words written but I think I may need to skip past it a little with just a note and move to writing the sorting bit and the school introduction and stuff. So more description, more introductory stuff but it’s words, it’s world building and it is a first draft, sort of.

Who knows? It might give me a buffer and might propel me towards my 5k target. Considering I need to write around 13k words to get back on track for the year, it could be a good idea that I am about to write so much exposition.

How is everyone else going? Taking the month off after Camp or trying to keep the momentum going? Here’s hoping you are well and that I find some motivation. It seems to have run off somewhere.