#CampNaNoWriMo July 2016: Day 3


Word Count: 2,437 words

Only thing that really happened yesterday, story wise, is my FMC has sat talking to the brother of the MMC, who has told her that there parents disapprove of the match between the MC’s before revealing he was gay to my FMC but he feels uncomfortable with that realisation. My FMC tried talking him round but it hasn’t worked too well. They returned inside and my FMC and MMC have sat down to talk because the MMC is trying to escape a very hands-y potential partner.

External to the story, all existing characters got named (hurrah!) and I have discovered what business the MMC’s parents run and that my FMC’s father is a priest.

How is it going for you? Don’t be afraid to comment below.


3 thoughts on “#CampNaNoWriMo July 2016: Day 3

  1. I’ve only had one decent writing day so far this month so I’m already falling behind! I’m hoping to change that this week.

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