Similarities Between Writers & Explorers #SundayBlogShare #writers

I can get behind this idea! Who’s up for an adventure?


Similarities Between Writers & Explorers

  1. Both writers and explorers discover new worlds.
  2. A new story idea for a writer is like the strange new land that an explorer sets out to discover.
  3. An explorer uses a compass and map to navigate through an undiscovered new land. Some writers have a detailed plan of their story idea and plot to help guide them through their new story idea. Other writers just use instinct, or cling on to the hope that it will turn out alright if they just keep writing, to help them navigate.
  4. An explorer may encounter dangerous situations during their journey; crossing treacherous rope bridges, battling against monsters and  magical beasts and surviving extreme weather conditions. A writer will also encounter dangerous situations during their literary journey; crossing crater sized plot holes, battling against self doubt demons and surviving hours of extreme editing.
  5. An explorer might uncover hidden treasure during their journey across a…

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