Question: Where do you get your writing ideas? Answer: You

Being a writer has it’s perks I would argue. Two of them are people watching and eavesdropping.

Annie Lyons

Today my friends, I am going to give you one excellent piece of advice.

If you walk into a coffee shop and happen upon me sitting alone, innocently sipping a Skinny Latte with an extra shot (easy on the froth), do not under any circumstances sit anywhere near me.

There. I’ve said it. You’re welcome.

Don’t worry, this isn’t for any medical reason and I showered recently so it has nothing to do with hygiene. No, the reason I say this is because if you do sit near me and I happen to hear your conversation, there is a small chance that it will end up in a book.

I know. I apologise.

Actually I don’t.

It’s a perk of my job.

For I am a sticky beak, a nosey parker or more charitably, a people watcher. I have lost count of the number of impatient frowns I have attracted…

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One thought on “Question: Where do you get your writing ideas? Answer: You

  1. Thank you very much for the reblog & you’re right, eavesdropping and people watching are definitely perks of the job!

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