Camp #NaNoWriMo April 2016: Days 1-4


Current Word Count: 6,298 words

If you follow me on Twitter or watch my Twitter feed via this blog, you know I am doing Camp once again. The story I have definitely ended up doing is rewriting my July 2015 story. It’s the one I just seem to know my way on, even if it is throwing up some surprises.

This month did not get off to a smooth start. Day 1 ended up being a bust as I ended up falling asleep before I could get anything written. I knew my story, knew roughly where to start but I was just too tired I think. Day 2, I attended a local write in and that definitely got me going, somewhat in the wrong direction but it got me going at least. It also helped me acquaint myself with my FMC and her family.

It’s been over the last couple of days that I have really got going, somewhat, rediscover some things and realising new ones about characters and events in the story, such as FMC’s mother had an affair with her childhood sweetheart (who is proving The Librarians/Flynn Carsen-like at the moment) and that the FMC and her mother are both possible victims of domestic abuse. There is also a slavery angle that could prove integral. Certainly not completely what I was thinking when I started writing this last year but still, that’s good as it is world building in a way whilst also pushing the story on.

I like it though when those things happen, especially during events like this as it is word count. I am ahead of where I need to be by about 2,000 words but that is partly because one of my friends is very far ahead of me. I know, I am being competitive but that’s the way I am. It also encouraging to get my word count quicker, which I like.

How’s you Camp going? Ahead? Behind? Discovered something new about your story? I hope you are having fun!


4 thoughts on “Camp #NaNoWriMo April 2016: Days 1-4

  1. I’m behind for Camp, but I had a great writing day yesterday, so I have hope. If I have a few more days like yesterday I’ll at least be caught up if not ahead!


  2. I am very much behind for Camp, but at least I know what I want to write. I just need to set myself down and DO IT!


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