Monthly #Writing Update

d7a3e-writingGranted, it is a leap year and it is a leap day but I thought I would get this update done at least, since I haven’t done one in a while.

Monthly Word Count: 3,123 words

Yearly Total: 10,670 words

This month has been awful due to writer’s block. I have flitted between different stories, spent time thinking, tried to kick-start my writing by nicking one of my possible ideas from my Camp NaNoWriMo list and just generally struggling to write. I do wonder if I was simply too tired to do anything after a big push at the start of the year.

Vast majority of the writing has been with the same characters as last month (the vampire and the shadow mage) so it is possible I will keep going with them once next month rolls around too. They seem to keep me going, even if it is random scrappy bits. It’s words nonetheless.

This month has also reminded me why planning is needed. When I was trying a new story, of course I hadn’t exactly planned it so I couldn’t get very far. The fact I know where the vampire/mage story is going is why that becomes easy to write, when I am inspired.

I suppose my aim for next month is just to get writing and keep going. Target is 5,000 words again but I possibly do need to reconsider that after this month and to account that life will take priority again due to Easter. I am on target for the year but lowering a monthly and the yearly target might not be such a bad idea. I will also be planning for Camp in April, should I finally decide to do it and which story to write or rewrite.

How did your February go? Good? Bad? Got any advice for me? Any and all comments are welcome below.

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