New Years Goals 2016

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This day last year, I wrote a list of New Years Goals that I wanted to do and I think I have done well considering life has changed a fair bit since then. Some goals I will be keeping as they will be good consistent ones to have. But there is one I will need to replace.

Try to write something every day or every week. This I have done well at, especially once I started tracking my word counts and setting a goal to make every month. I have barely written in the past month but that’s due to life having to take priority and me being very tired. This is one I am keeping, especially as I now have writer’s block and it is really annoying me.

Post once a week, every week on this blog. Again, not done too badly on this one and I am keeping it I think for this year just to make sure I don’t go focusing too much time on Twitter. Also possibly need to look to apply it to my Tumblr blog as that is getting very neglected at the moment.

This third one was a wellbeing one that boiled down to pampering myself at least once a month and keeping in contact with friends. It was especially needed last year due to life however less so this year (hopefully). To replace it, I think perhaps it will be to try to have some quiet time away from distractions to read more. I haven’t really read massively this past year if my GoodReads is to go by. Perhaps I need to set a GoodReads Reading Challenge. Anyone got any suggested goals for it?

Participate in as many writing/National Novel Writing Month events as possible. This one I have succeeded in, if not necessarily hitting the word count I set myself. I am not sure it’s one to keep really, especially as I can actually combine it with my first goal of writing everyday. They fit together anyway so it’s not needed as a separate one. I do feel I need another one though otherwise my goals are just to read more and write more and that feels like a real cop-out.

I have no idea what to replace it with really at the moment so I guess at the moment, my main 3 goals are to read more, write more and blog more. If anyone has any suggestions about what a fourth goal should be or what target to set for the reading challenge, please comment below. I feel need the help. Also, feel free to comment if you have any goals, resolutions or need help with coming up or sticking to some. I’ll try to help at least.

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