#Writing Update

Sherlock WritingObviously, it is the last day of the month tomorrow but doing the update today as I have no idea if I will be bothered to do it then.

Word Count: 1,489 words

I think this is turning more and more into a very detailed character sketch of my FMC, a fictional biography I suppose. A lot more written compared to last week. It has been mostly my FMC talking about her exams and how it was part of making her who she is today. I suppose it all helps with world building and such and it may give me chance to show my MMC’s side of stuff yet. It’s not really much but it is fun still and I am enjoying writing it.

As I mentioned, it is the last day tomorrow but I hit my 5k target on the 17th of this month. I am now on 7,547 words so not too shabby. Of course, I think it will be necessary to have the slight buffer as the next couple of months are going to be manic due to life to say the least. With Valentine’s Day in February and Easter and Camp Prep at the end of March, I think it will be necessary just to keep pushing and take whatever bump up in words I can get.

How’s your writing going? Hit your target for this month or are you going hell for leather to finish? How do you see the next couple of months working out for you? Good luck to you all!

#Writing Update

d7a3e-writingWord count: 745 words

Not a big update because obviously not a lot has been written due to tiredness. I have broken the 6,000 word barrier so that’s good, right?

It’s still my FMC talking about the past but I am aiming to push on and have the story actually kick back in. I am tempted to go off track and just write little bits and pieces. It’s not a massive loss as far as I am concerned because this story was just something I started writing and couldn’t stop. As a set of character sketches, perhaps it’s not a bad thing for me to go and write something else with the characters then come back.

As well this week, my mind has played with a vague new idea that does need some development but might become my April Camp story or what I work on next month or some time in the future. It is vague as I said but I do think that there is something in it as it is also drawing upon an idea I had years ago but never used. I believe Russell T. Davies, in Doctor Who, The Writer’s Tale: The Final Chapter, describes it as “Characters In Search Of An Author.”

I guess time will tell about what I write and how the idea develops. Here’s hoping your writing has gone better than mine.

#Writing Update

Sherlock WritingWhat a difference a week makes it seems.

Word count: 3,874 words.

That means I was only 150 words or so off my 5k target yesterday and I hit that today. Currently have 316 words so far. I had done a lot more but lost it all because I am still learning how to use the On The Go feature on the WAY site. It is a nifty little thing that would be handy for write in’s providing you have an internet connection.

Moving on, the main reason for me getting so much written is because I just let my FMC talk about her own childhood and my MMC’s. It isn’t necessarily helpful to the story but it is helpful for me. It gave me a chance to actually figure out what the main story is about anyway (which will get written eventually) but also made me realise that a lot of the ideas I already had about the characters backstories were, well, wrong. These are characters that have been developing and evolving for some years. Naturally things will change but I realised this past week that I allowed myself to go down completely the wrong track so lose my way a little with the characters. Things are still liable to change but their stories now fit so much better and I am learning a lot about the characters themselves. That can only be good in my mind.

I suppose this story is sort of turning into character sketches and it now probably won’t be the Valentines Day story I was thinking last week but I am still happy with the writing and to be writing!

How’s your writing going? Have you got a target for this month or specific deadline? Are you just writing to have fun or get back into the habit? Let’s face it, December is not the easiest month for most people to be writing. Hope your having fun and keeping warm. (It’s so cold!)

#Writing Update

d7a3e-writingJust a quick update for the first one of hopefully many for this year.

Word Count: 948 words

Been struggling to write so what I have ended up writing is something that is absolutely awful featuring some old characters. To be fair, it has got me writing at least. It’s probably going to be hit and miss and just random stuff featuring the same characters, hopefully but I’m writing. It is threatening to turn somewhat into fluffy romance which probably isn’t a bad thing since Valentines Day is next month.

I’ve also managed to join Write All Year on the new website. No forums or anything but you can set your own writing target and it does offer a couple of graphs based on your word counts and information about the most active members for the current day and for the current month. Hopefully more features and maybe some forums will be added to the website soon because it does seem like a good way to keep writing. If you are competitive like I can be, the most active members stats could become almost like a daily challenge.

The word counter thing is confusing. It’s not like NaNo where you put your full word count in and it figures out how many words you have written that day. Rather you have to keep track of how many words you have written per day and enter that so it can added it to your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly total. Very annoying and very confusing at first but hopefully it will become easier to use after a while.

How is your writing going? Have you started something new or working on something from last year? Does anyone else use the Write All Year website? Do you find it helpful? Don’t be afraid to comment below.

New Years Goals 2016

Source: GoodSearch Images

This day last year, I wrote a list of New Years Goals that I wanted to do and I think I have done well considering life has changed a fair bit since then. Some goals I will be keeping as they will be good consistent ones to have. But there is one I will need to replace.

Try to write something every day or every week. This I have done well at, especially once I started tracking my word counts and setting a goal to make every month. I have barely written in the past month but that’s due to life having to take priority and me being very tired. This is one I am keeping, especially as I now have writer’s block and it is really annoying me.

Post once a week, every week on this blog. Again, not done too badly on this one and I am keeping it I think for this year just to make sure I don’t go focusing too much time on Twitter. Also possibly need to look to apply it to my Tumblr blog as that is getting very neglected at the moment.

This third one was a wellbeing one that boiled down to pampering myself at least once a month and keeping in contact with friends. It was especially needed last year due to life however less so this year (hopefully). To replace it, I think perhaps it will be to try to have some quiet time away from distractions to read more. I haven’t really read massively this past year if my GoodReads is to go by. Perhaps I need to set a GoodReads Reading Challenge. Anyone got any suggested goals for it?

Participate in as many writing/National Novel Writing Month events as possible. This one I have succeeded in, if not necessarily hitting the word count I set myself. I am not sure it’s one to keep really, especially as I can actually combine it with my first goal of writing everyday. They fit together anyway so it’s not needed as a separate one. I do feel I need another one though otherwise my goals are just to read more and write more and that feels like a real cop-out.

I have no idea what to replace it with really at the moment so I guess at the moment, my main 3 goals are to read more, write more and blog more. If anyone has any suggestions about what a fourth goal should be or what target to set for the reading challenge, please comment below. I feel need the help. Also, feel free to comment if you have any goals, resolutions or need help with coming up or sticking to some. I’ll try to help at least.