#NaNoWriMo November 2015: Days 20-30 and Review

Day 20: 1,974 words

Day 21: 1,241 words

Day 22: 237 words

Day 23: 79 words

Day 24: 0 words

Day 25: 0 words

Day 26: 75 words

Day 27: 1,858 words

Day 28: 867 words

Day 29: 94 words

Day 30: 0 words

Total Word Count for the Month: 19,068 words

Obviously, I did not win NaNoWriMo or meet my personal target of 25,000 words and a I had a few days of non-writing due to life and tiredness but I did get a fair amount written. Main things that happen were that my FMC attended her father’s funeral, her mother is suffering from drug withdrawals, her father’s will revealed she had to marry quick or face an arranged marriage and she has started work.

It took me a while to figure things out and there are still some bits to figure out but I am happy with it. I think I will go back to it eventually but I need a break I think as it was becoming a task at the end. I am enjoying the story and I know there is a great amount to this story to have fun with and to explore. For now though, I think I need to turn my attentions to something else to keep me writing.

I did plan before the start of this month to write something else but obviously not well enough. I do think my original Santa idea just needs more time to simmer and develop. I also know I need to follow my gut instinct a bit more as I was having wobbles about my idea before the month started. I did mention this in writing updates last month. The fact that my plan (sort of) didn’t exactly work out probably also means I might need to rethink things about how I go about writing in general, not just NaNoWriMo. A new idea, a new plan is needed and I will find it but for now, I think I just need to focus on writing. My target for December is just 5,000 words. This is just due to life and the fact that I am going to be ridiculously busy and tired. It’s Christmas after all.

How did your NaNo go? Did you succeed or fall short? A complete story or part one? What is your plan for December, a very busy and crazy month? Well done whatever you managed! You are amazing! NaNoWriMo is a mad challenge so no matter what you did, go you!


2 thoughts on “#NaNoWriMo November 2015: Days 20-30 and Review

  1. My nanowrimo went well. I didn’t get to the 50000 but have got about halfway through my story. I’m planning to finish the draft before the end of 2015. Should be possible.
    More importantly I learned a lot about my process and was able to celebrate the progress I have made since I first got serious about writing.
    I like the sound of your story , although it took me a moment to realise you weren’t talking about real life people. Keep going it’s a marathon not a sprint. 🙂

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    • Yay! Go you! It definitely is a marathon but sometimes taking a moment to step back, breathe and changing tact enables a person to remain excited about a story and get a fresh perspective on it.
      Reflection is a necessary part I feel as it gives you a chance to think, evaluate and make notes about the draft in progress. It is partly why I always planned to break the story writing process up as I now have two stories in progress and so want to try and finish them both if possible.
      Because I have had time to step back and think, I have realised they both carry similar messages and themes so I am not totally breaking my concentration on them. The main difference is that my November story is an adult story whilst my Camp story is a possible teen/YA version of it. It is partly why I do the updates too as I am making myself accountable whilst also assessing what I have written.


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