#NaNoWriMo November 2015: Days 14-19

Day 14: 10,222 words

Day 15: 10,669 words

Day 16: 10,669 words

Day 17: 12,348 words

Day 18: 12,348 words

Day 19: 12,643 words

Obviously from my word counts, I have had a couple of days where life had to take the priority and I was simply just too tired to even turn on my laptop. I know I am looking at similar state of affairs latest this month. That has led to my decision, not to drop out of NaNoWriMo, but rather to chase a lower target of 25,000 words. It is far more plausible.

In my NaNo then, my FMC has revealed herself to be a mage to her friend with benefits partner, fallen out with him, defended him from some processed preachers, became friends with him again, found out her father has died, talked with her partner which ended up with them in bed, before she travelled back to the island to discover her family are still very hostile to her.

So a fair amount has happened and it does mean I have a funeral scene and the fallout of her father’s death to play with as well as heading into the main plot. I might have written myself into a slight corner however with the romance sub plot. My FMC’s friend with benefits has basically announced it is purely the benefits part that interests him, in so far as romance is concerned. I may need to have a serious rethink about that. The changing of the word target does mean I will have to maybe bullet point at the end of the month as I am still working on the Camp story too. (The two stories do focus on common themes though so it is helpful in a way).

On top of all that, I have changed my FMC’s job, again, for plot reasons. She’s now a research assistant at the university college, perhaps working towards a Masters of Research or PhD. It does mean having to rethink the university college part. I mean, brand new universities would focus on teaching right, rather than research? If anyone could give any help or insight on this point, it would be greatly appreciated.

How’s your NaNoWriMo going? On target? Behind? Word count change? Don’t be afraid to comment below.

#NaNoWriMo November 2015: Days 9-13

Day 9: 402 words

Day 10: 1,010 words

Day 11: 525 words

Day 12: 83 words

Day 13: 1,710 words

Total Words: 8,937 words

Just going to do a quick update as I am behind (and it is the Night of Writing Dangerously).

The FMC has met up with other girls who were in the same scheme as her to get an education, she’s been interviewed and was worried she had screwed it up but did get a job offer. Not for a teaching position but for a personal tutor position (that may yet change again). She then returned to the mainland UK and ended up fighting with her boyfriend/not-boyfriend. I have written a lot of back story stuff, mainly because I was after words and a little stuck but I should be okay.

Here’s hoping this week I can at least catch up a little and get even more of the story done. How are things for you? Good? Bad? What’s the plan for this next week? Don’t be afraid to comment below.

Twenty-five things us bookworms are super awesome at

Definitely agree with this!


Twenty-five things us bookworms are super awesome at

Helllllllllo readers, it’s a Friday which means FRIYAY (yes I did just type that and only feel slightly ashamed.) I’ve been having a bit of a writing block kind of month. Reviews are being written thick and fast but these more bookish, talking posts have been more difficult. I had a think and I thought, us readers are really good at lots of things so I wanted to write them all down so we can be super proud of them – enjoy.

1) Letting our TBR list flow over until it’s so long we can barely think about it without our bank balances going into meltdown
2) Walking into the library and checking out double the books we can physically read in the time we’re allowed to read them
3) Being able to read just about anywhere; bath, bed, train, car, standing up, on the bus, we are reading ninjas

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#NaNoWriMo November 2015: Days 5-8

Day 5: 546 words

Day 6: 1,173 words

Day 7: 509 words

Day 8: 339 words

Current Total: 5,207 words

Most of what I have written has been exposition again whilst my FMC tries to figure out if anything has changed on the island. She’s also come across some other girls who are like her and, hopefully, will play a part in the story. Also, I have placed a hopefully important object in my FMC’s hands. It was unexpected but it works and brings in a part of the story long before I did in the earlier attempt back in November 2013.

I am about 10k behind (partly due to procrastination if I am being honest) but right now, I think just keeping writing is the most important thing. If need be, I will jump ahead to other scenes that are more word bolstering in the interests of getting my word count and the story down. It’s still early. Next week however, that’s when I need to worry I think if I am behind and still not getting too far into the story.

How are things going for you? Good or bad? Ahead, behind or right on target? Got any advice? Don’t be afraid to comment below.