#Writing Update

3278e-writerWord Count: 3,239 words

Been an interesting week in how much time I have had to write and how much I have written.

I’ve mainly written her holidays, covering her doing homework, finding herself at a loose end before revealing she is a good duellist after being attacked by her family. This led to her father attempting to persuade to go professional for the family’s riches and fame. My FMC refused but I have the sneaking suspicion that is something I can use again, especially as the FMC has wondered what to do in future holidays as clearly she is still very unwelcome with her family.

She has just returned to school with her potential love interest attempting to flirt with her before time before arriving at school and is now waiting to be sorted. Still working that bit out. Hopefully, it will turn into words considering that there is more explanation to come. I can also hopefully really start with the plot more. That has happened very quietly but I should be okay I think.

From Sunday next week, I will be doing NaNoWriMo (had a slight story wobble but all sorted) so the next update might be the last for a while, particularly on this story. It will be nice to have a break though and it could help since distancing myself from it might help me realise the things I need to do for the story.

So plan for this week? Continue with this story and prepare for NaNoWriMo I think mainly. Seems like a plan to me.

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